Friday, March 30, 2007

Jack Bauer Hangover

Last night I sat down to watch a disk of 24 season two while working on Marquior ABC. And ended up watching two disks/eight episodes until midnight! Whoa, I sure am tired today. I missed this TV show when it originally aired. Actually I did start watching season one but ended up missing 3 of the first five or six episodes so I gave it up. I sure am enjoying it now. I just added the other available seasons to my Netflex. I can't wait for more. :-) I'm going to watch the last four episodes of two tonight. It should be great.

Above is my progress on Their Song - I'll bring this piece with me tomorrow and Sunday to Molly's agility trial although I know from last time I won't work on it much. My friend did make this trial so we will probably chat most of the time.

Here is Marquior ABC - I just have a little to go on part six - I need to finish up the blue on the letter E. F is (of course) next to it but 80% of it is from part seven so I'll just count myself a little ahead. I'll make all my goals plus some for March. As you can see from the picture below, I dated this piece 2007 - no matter what I'm going to finish it this year. That does mean a lot of stitching right around the holiday's but as long as part 16 is all I have left I'll make it work somehow.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

still kinda gloomy outside

It's still gloomy outside - but as long as I'm inside at work I really don't mind. Their Song is moving right along - chart wise, I'm over 25% complete. I'd really like to have this finished by the end of March which is Saturday but I really don't think I'll have the time. Last night I resumed stitching on Marquior ABC and to finish part 6 by Saturday, I'll need to work on that tonight and Friday night and maybe even Saturday if I have time after the agility trial. I'll try to get a progress photo tonight of Marquior. I only have 1 1/2 big letters to go and I'm finished with March's goal of part 6.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rainy Wednesday

It's supposed to rain all day - such a bummer. But I did plant grass seed so I do need it. Here is my progress on Their Song - it's turning out to be a quick stitch. And I'm still in love with the colors.
Here is the hinge for part 5 of My Treasured Workstation. I'll try to get a start on the last part when it becomes available on the 1st. It will be the quickest section yet. But from reading on the message board that is set up for this group, it sounds like the finishing kits won't be mailed to us for quite some time. Too bad, I'd like to get a head start on this because I'll be out of town the first part of May. I'm ready to be finished with this project - it's been dragging on for much too long now.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

back to work

Well it's back to work for me - such a bummer! I love to be home doing nothing with the pugs. They had a great time also just sitting around. The weather was unbelievably wonderful for late March - it was in the 70's everyday! And sunny! I did get a lot of stuff that I can't normally take care of until mid-April. But as you can imagine, my stitching plans suffered. I didn't even look at Marquior ABC so if I want to finish my goals for the month, I need to work on that in the evenings this week. But I don't want to work on it! I want to work on Their Song by BBD, as you can see from the above picture, I could not wait until the first of April to start on it. Aren't the colors just great? I was sorta good today, I popped into my train bag the last piece of the month for My Treasured Workstation. It's the hinge and very boring to stitch as well as look at. :-) I'll finish it up today so I can get back to Their Song for at least one more evening before I get back to Marquior.

I did manage to finish cutting out my quilt and I even started some of the basic sewing yesterday for several hours. But nothing to see yet. This coming weekend I'll be at an agility trial so no quilting for sure and not even much time for stitching.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lot's of yummy mail and a pillow

As predicted, yesterday I received my package from Drema at Needleworks Corner. Lot's of yummy things! I LOVE Their Song from BBD. I'm planning on starting that one right off. The colors are wonderful. I also received all my Cat's Whiskers kits I ordered. I will have a ton of fun with those. I saw on the cover of the Peacock Chair that it's number one in a series. How fun! And to top it off, today I received the chart for Topiary Ornament I from Jacque. Thanks so much! I'll do that one for next month's ornament SAL.

Today I did my Tie-on Pillow with the class provided by Karen V on the Focus on Finishing website. Bravo Karen! The instructions you provided were clear and concise. I love how my pillow turned out. I used my Flea Market Souvenir from Blackbird Designs on fabric from the quilt that I'm making so it will match my bed.

Last evening I redid my name portion on My Treasured Workstation. It's not as centered as I would have liked but I still happy with the results. And now it looks like two mm's. :-)

It's nice outside again today so I'm not sure if I'll get back to sewing. I had planned on quilting at some point during these few days off I have but I'm finding the pull of the outdoors much too strong. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, March 23, 2007

It's the weekend

I hardly got in a lick of stitching yesterday it was so nice outside here in Northern Illinois. High 60's and totally sunny - I spent most of the day outside doing early spring stuff in the backyard with the pugs. We all had a blast. I always have to laugh, after not being able to work in the yard for months it's always fun to get out there and take care of stuff that by July/August are a pain in the ass to do. :-)

Here is my progress on Blackstone Fantasy Garden. As predicted I'm now 25% complete with the blackwork portion of the piece. I'm going to put this up for a couple of weeks to work on other things. It did go much fast than I thought possible. 1/4 of the way through with only six train rides. So I'm thinking I can certainly give up three train days for the next three months to get this put away. :-) But of course, we'll see what happens.

Yesterday in the evening while watching a movie, I did get a start on My Treasured Workstation part 5. I had taken a couple of hours a few days ago to chart out my name in cursive. I kinda made up my own with help from the chart that Judy Odell provided. As you can see from the picture I posted, that I made a mistake. :-) My two mm's in my last name look like nn! That is because the chart was a curvy print style rather than a true cursive. And I didn't notice until it was all the way done and stitched into place. So I have a choice of living with it - which is not going to happen or pulling it out. And it's over one... What a chore this is going to be. But I'll take care of it as soon as I'm finished with my blog so my eyes are fresh. And then put it all in again. I probably could just rip out the two nns but I want my last name centered under my first name so the whole things needs to come out.

As for the rest of my weekend and my extra day off on Monday, I plan to finish part 5 of My Treasured Workstation, finish part 6 of Marquior ABC and get a start on Their Song from BBD. My chart should come today. :-) And I need to see if one of my completed projects will work for the tied pillow class tomorrow and work on finishing up my ornament for my SAL. And of course try to find some time to work on my dog bed quilt and my matching lap quilt. The weather is predicted to be in the 40's/50's with rain for most of my days home so that won't interfere with my plans. I'll need every second I have to finish up my list.

Have a great weekend! And thanks for all the lovey comments over the past couple of days. A couple of new people stopped by and said hello. It's nice to have you guys around!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

almost a quarter done :-)

Almost a quarter done with the blackwork portion of BFG! Yeah! It's going faster as I thought it would from the beginning of the week - I have found a rhythm that is working and so it's moving along pretty good at this point. I wanted to be 25% finished before I put it away for a couple of weeks and I'll be there after today's train ride. If I were smart I would continue to work on this while it's going well. I'll see what happens during my mini-break which starts tomorrow. Maybe even a couple of hours during the five days would be good.

I spent what free time I had last night before agility charting out my name in cursive for My Treasured Workstation. Part five is the signature portion and the hinge for the project. I'm glad I took the time to do my signature nicely because I can use it again in the future. I'll have to get a start on the stitching in the next couple of days because the final portion is available next weekend and it's the smallest stitching month of all. And then the finishing starts!

Katrina found me a picture of Topiary I - thanks Katrina, I don't know how I missed that kit section on the Hillside website. I can't even tell you how many times I've looked at the pictures and missed this every time. It's really cute so I sure hope I find it. I'd even be glad to trade for just the chart. I can find the star bead and make the bow if I have to. Actually the more I look at this the more I think I can just do it without a chart. I have the dimensions from the other three I own and what I can't see very well I can just make up. How hard can it be? :-)
As I mentioned earlier in the week, tomorrow starts a few days of vacation. I don't have to come back to work until next Tuesday. Five whole days of sleeping in. :-) I chatted with Drema yesterday and she put a package in the mail yesterday that includes the new Loose Feather #25 chart and from Cat's Wiskers, the Allysum Scissor Pocket with fabric (I didn't have any blue!), the Spring Fever biscornue (sp) and my Peacock Stitching Chair kit. I can't wait! I should get it on Friday. This will give me all day Thursday to work on my quilt without feeling that I can't play with my new stash. Drema also mentioned that she spoke with Lakeside Linens about the linen for CHS The Girls Series (32 count vintage autumn gold) and Quaker Study (35 count vintage autumn gold). I have all the charts and I'm just waiting for the linen. Lakeside is getting ready to start to dye the autumn gold and should be shipping in a couple of weeks. They have been working a huge project Birds of a Feather project and now are just getting to this.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

almost a finish

Here is my SAL ornament for March - almost completed. :-) I still have to ornamentize it. :-) I'll do that over the weekend during the official SAL weekend. The first one of these I did, number 3 has a little frog bead that sits on the pot but I didn't add because I didn't think frogs had anything to do with Christmas. But I think I'm going to go back and add it. I like the butterflies on this one and number 4 has a cute little ladybug so #3 will look funny without it. I wonder what was on #1? I still haven't been able to find even a picture of it.

I continue to work on Blackstone Fantasy Garden as my train project. I pulled out the Elk Snout (the light yellow tan) that I did yesterday - the color is so light that I could not see it at all against the linen I'm using - and replaced it with a dark blue. I'll do that for the center blackwork also. In a perfect world I'll do at least 25% of this before I put it away until next month or the month after. The blackwork is still a challenge on the train especially when the charted portion is on two (or even three) separate pieces of paper. I'll do those sections at home where I have a copy of the chart on one big piece of paper.

Monday, March 19, 2007

A village block finish and a short week

Here is my block five of the Village of Hawk Run Hollow. A quick block for sure. I even started on block six before I went to bed on Saturday - it's a biggy so I thought a head start on April's block was in order - it's the blacksmith block and a ton of stitching. Only four blocks to go! I'm going to work on the remaining four from the heaviest stitching to the lightest so it feels like I'm zooming along at the end. So the order will be, block six the blacksmith, block three the city hall, block two the church and then I'll end with block one, the beginning of the saying.
Here is my Topiary Ornament II from Hillside Samplings. I was hoping to finish off the piece this weekend but I ended up only stitching on Saturday so I only have progress from Friday's train ride home to show. I'll find time to finish it off sometime this week.
This morning I thought it would be best if I started back on Blackstone Fantasy Garden and the blackwork sections rather than toss something totally new into my bag. It was a little more slow going than I thought it would be (I did the center top left portion). I guess I need to find a rhythm for this part of the piece. I'm sure it will pick up a bit then. I'd like to work on this for the train rides through Wednesday. As for Thursday, Friday and Monday - I took vacation days so no train rides! It's a mini holiday from the day to day. :-) I'll have to make some plans on what I want to do while I'm off work for the five days. Work on my quilt in progress that is for sure plus Marquior and the Village. And maybe find time to toss Blackstone into the mix.... :-)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday - it's about time...

I'm so happy it's Friday - I can sleep in tomorrow! Yeah! And take a nice long nap later in the day. There is nothing better than a nice long nap with the pugs all curled up keeping me toasty.

Here is my progress on Block 5 of the Village. Over half way done here - I've been thinking I want to put this behind me so maybe after this block is finished (over the weekend I'm thinking) I'll just continue on to the next block. Of the remaining four blocks only one is wordy so all will be challenges to finish and getting a little ahead would be nice.

I continue work on my Topiary Ornament - not as much progress as I would have liked as I did take a couple of naps on the train yesterday and today. :-)

For the weekend I'd like to complete Block 5 of the Village, part 6 of Marquior and my ornament. I need to also start on something for my pillow so I can finish it next weekend. I'll go through my stuff this weekend and see what I can find. It's hard to believe but I also need to find a new train project for next week! I'm really far ahead of my goals for the month. I'm thinking to give Blackstone Fantasy Garden another go - I'm at the blackwork part of the piece and it was hard to do it on the train but maybe it was just that day and not that it's really hard so I might pop that into my bag for the week. Either that or Quaker Samplings II.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Celtic Birds Finis

Celtic Birds
The Sunflower Seed
40 count natural linen
Indigo Ocean Hand Dyed Silk from Vikki Clayton

I finished up Celtic Birds last night rather than work on the Village. I just love to finish things up and I really only had about an hours worth of stitching after my train ride home yesterday. This is a thin piece - less than two inches tall to it's seven inches wide - I'm thinking this sure would be a pretty basket band a la KarenV. I really should make another one so both sides of my basket match but I know that will never happen. :-) This went very quickly, much more quickly than I thought it would given the fact that it was stitched on 40 count. It's nice to know I don't have any problems with the finer count linens. But don't take that to mean that I'll be doing a lot on 40 count! Once in a while maybe for small pieces - my hats off to those of you who can use 40 count on BAPs. :-) You guys are just crazy. It's 32 count for me for those.

For the rest of the week on the train, I'm getting a head start on my ornament of the month for my SAL since I'll be busy on the planned stitching weekend. It's Topiary II from Hillside Samplings. Thanks again go to Cathy for her RAK. She saw that I was looking for I and II and had a spare II laying around and sent it to me. Not much to look at yet because I do the border first but by tomorrow hopefully I'll have the start of a tree.
I'm still looking for information on Topiary I - I think it's from around 2000 or so since Topiary II has a date of 2001. I'd love to trade or purchased it if anyone has a spare.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Daylight savings time sucks - ok not really but

I'm totally wiped out from the time change! It was last Sunday and I'm not even close to getting used to it. I fell asleep on the way home from work yesterday and again this morning. So I didn't get as much done on the Celtic Birds as I would have liked. But any progress is progress. :-) I should be finished with this piece by the weekend for sure. I had been planning on using it for a pillow but I'm not sure now if it will work or not - it's kinda long and narrow - not what I was really hoping for. Darn, I might have to quick do something else. :-) Like that is a problem. LOL! Maybe something from the new Blackbird Designs book I picked up a couple of weeks ago? That might work....

Here is my progress on Block 5 of the Village - closing in on the half way point for this block. And can I just say again how much I love the wordy blocks? :-)

I've received some nice stash in the mail I have yet to mention. My Silkweaver FOTM came on Monday and I received two pretty linens - a nice green and another piece of cameo (one of my favorites). My first two "girls" from CHS came yesterday - Mary Margaret and Elizabeth. How cute they are - hopefully my Lakeside Linens from Drema will come soon - I've been holding off on buying Molly because of the charting errors on that one. I'm hoping it will be reprinted and I won't have to deal with it. And lastly my Alpha series from Sheepish Designs came in. I'm planning on all three on the same piece of linen. I might dye my own piece because I think I have a long enough piece of cream or white in my stash. It's not hard at all and I have all the supplies left over from the linen I dyed for Marquior. Maybe this weekend I think about it. I have nothing going on so I'll have plenty of time.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Half way to the birds

Here is my progress on Celtic Birds - I find that I'm getting into a rhythm with the 40 count linen. I won't lie and say it's my favorite but once in a while I'll give it a go. And it does look really nice when finished. Many months ago I did a Blackbird Designs piece called Vintage Bloom - my mother fell in love with it. I think for Mother's Day this year, I'm going to redo this piece on 40 count linen and then buy one of those pretty ceramic oval boxes with the hinged lid to put it in. I know she will love it.

Last night I worked on block five of the Village. This will be a quick month because most of it is wording . I love those wordy months! :-)

One last photo of Clancypug. He always sits with me at night while I stitch. It's a dark photo but I didn't want to bug him by using the flash. He is such a sweetie. He sits on my right side on the couch and I've learned to use his body as an arm rest.

Monday, March 12, 2007

ABCDEF! And I can't wait for more :-)

I completed The Drawn Thread's Sampler of Stitches DEF over the weekend so I'm finished with the charts currently available. I can't wait for GHI and JKL to come out in May. I'm addicted to these sort of things. I saw from comments on my blog, that several of you were on the fence with this piece - can I nudge you over the edge? :-) I really enjoyed it and actually learned a couple of new stitches that not only work for cross stitch, but would work for some of the painted needlepoint canvases that I have laying around. Because of the enjoyment I got from this piece, I'll be starting Toccata II sooner than I had planned - maybe on my cruise in May?

I also had plenty of time to resume working on a couple of my WIPs. First I worked on Marquior ABC part 6 for several hours Saturday and a little on Sunday. All I have left are three big letters on the bottom, D, E and a partial F. I was hoping to have this part completed before the 16th when part 7 comes out but I'm not sure if time will allow for that. I also made a good start on Block 5 of the Village. I didn't take a progress picture but I did complete the entire border of that block and started a little on the trees. I'll take a progress picture tonight if I work on it instead of Marquior.

I also started work on Celtic Birds from The Sunflower Seed - I'm using a Vikki Clayton silk called Indigo Ocean. I wanted to see if I could really work on the 40 count linen I purchased. It wasn't too bad at home where the light is perfect but it was a little harder on the train this morning on the way into work. The light is not the best and the movement of the train, while not a big deal when I'm working on the larger weaves of linen was sometimes a problem when working on the 40 count. All in all not to bad so I'll work on this as my train project for the week and just in case I start having a hard time, I also tossed in my bag an ornament kit which is on 32 count. I can't waste any train time! :-)

I took the pugs to a fun run on Saturday - Clancy did everything I asked of him and I think he is ready to move up into Molly's class on Tuesday nights. I'll have to speak to my teacher about it. As for Molly, she pulled something in her back leg after the a-frame so I pulled her so she really didn't get to do anything. She was limping for the rest of Saturday and on Sunday but this morning she didn't limp at all so I think she just had a strain. But to be on the safe side, we might skip agility class this week. Maybe I can take Clancy in her place? He would love to go to class twice in a week.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Moving onto E

I worked on the letter D for two train rides and for a couple of hours last night - definitely the longest letter time wise so far. Some cool stitches though. I made a change from the way the Damask Darning was charted. I didn't like the way Cynthia didn't compensate for the rectangle so I compensated mine to be a complete rectangle. Also I only used one strand of thread vs. her two strands. I liked the way mine has a 3-D appearance with only the one strand - that effect goes away with two strands. Other than that, I did it the way it was charted. I started with E last night but as you can see, I didn't get to far. I'll finish this up today and tomorrow.

No did plans for the weekend - I do have an agility fun run tomorrow and I'll take both pugs with me - it will be Clancy's first fun run. I hope he has fun. As for stitching, I plan on working on one of my two big WIPs, Marquior or the Village.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's sunny today!

For those of you who live in Northern Illinois, know that the sun coming out is reason to shout! Finally we are having a warm up - mid 30's today and in the 40's for the next several days, maybe even 50 by Tuesday. It's been a long time coming. We'll be getting a bit of rain but that's ok - it will help melt the snow that is piled up everywhere.

Above is my progress on Sampler of Stitches. I've completed ABC now and I've moved onto the next set of charts for DEF. Katrina has kindly agreed to partner with me in the purchase of these nine charts. Start watching the mail Katrina, I'll be sending you the first two next week! :-) It really helps only having to purchase half of them. I should take the money I save and start purchasing my CHS Alphabet charts. I'd like to start to do one letter a every couple of weeks or so. Maybe I'll make real plans when I'm finished with the Village.

Clancy was great last night in agility but the real news is how well Molly did on Tuesday. She was a star! Where was that dog over the past weekend? :-) I received notice this morning that I did make the draw for the next agility trial on March 31st and April 1st but sadly my agility partner, Peggy did not get in again. I'm so bummed but not nearly as much as Peggy is. Her pug Molly is really ready for trials and I'm sure they will have their novice titles before spring - if they can start getting entries that is.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Give me an A!

I love working on this piece. It really is a lot of fun using all the different stitches. I finished up A yesterday and B this morning. Now onto C. It looks like C will take a little longer than the first two sections but I'll work on it before I take Clancy to agility so I'll be popping DEF into my bag for sure for tomorrow's train rides. :-)

Thanks to the commenter who mentioned some of the pattern problems with DEF. Someone from the Legacy Board also posted that there were a few errors so I printed it off and have made notes onto my charts. So hopefully all will go well. :-)

I need to start planning my next train ride project already as I'm sure I'll need one next Monday for sure. These Drawn Thread pieces are flying off my needles. Since I enjoyed Quaker Samplings I so much, maybe Quaker Samplings II? I'm going with the recommended threads for this one - Milady's Teal. It goes really nice with the thread I used for the first piece. I also need to work on the piece for the Tie-on Pillow class for the Focus on Finishing group. The planned weekend is the 24th and 25th. I have picked out this piece from The Sunflower Seed - Celtic Bird. And I purchased a piece of 40 count! Have you seen how small those threads are?? LOL! What am I thinking! :-)

I also need to get a head start on my Christmas ornament for the month - I will be at an agility trial on the 31st and 1st so I won't be able to get much stitching done at all those two days and I don't want to miss a month. I love the idea of having 12 ornaments done before the holiday's even start. This year my stitching tree will be so pretty! I'll have almost 20 ornaments on it this year.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spring Arbor Finis!

Spring Arbor
The Drawn Thread
32 Count Lavender Mist Linen
Recommended silk threads

Here is my completed Spring Arbor. This was the fastest one yet I think (I have previously completed Winter and Fall Arbor) - I only started it on what last Wednesday morning? :-) Almost instant gratification. I was thinking yesterday that I'd love to have the money to send these four projects to Jill Rensel for matting and framing. How pretty that would be! Maybe I'll win the Big Game Lottery this week - it's up to $355 Million. :-) I'll buy everybody a mat! LOL!

My new start for the train is Sampler of Stitches from The Drawn Thread. I'll complete both charts currently available - ABC and DEF before stopping to start something new. I read on the Elegant Stitch website yesterday, that Cynthia Zittel the designer, has GHI finished and she has charted JKL and they should be available in mid-May. Like most of my multi-part projects, I want to stay current with this. It occurred to me the other day that I'll end up paying over $100 for these charts since there are nine of them. Wow! And I'm putting off buying the Carriage House Samplings Alphabet Series because of the cost? It's less money to buy all 24 of those charts (two are freebies and I have those already - just need to find the border chart). And I'd really like to do that big sampler. I think I just need to start buying them here and there when I see them on sale somewhere. Maybe find an auto program that only charges what they really pay in shipping. I hate getting over charged for shipping charts. I've stopped using Stitching Bits & Bobs for that reason alone. Well and the fact that it takes months to get things.

If anyone is interested in splitting the cost of the Sampler of Stitches charts let me know - I'll send you ABC and DEF and you buy GHI and JKL and send those to me. And then I'll send them back to you as soon as I'm finished with them. Then we can do the same for MNO & PQR and STU & VWX. I'd just toss in YZ. :-) Or we could split the cost of that last one.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Well, one of us had fun... :-)

What a weekend! Molly had a blast and I was frustrated. I'm trying to focus on the high points rather than what went wrong with the trial. Molly did make three of the four starts so that was a huge improvement from our last trial where she didn't make any. On the first Jump With Weaves course on Saturday, she made it all the way to obstacle number 7 or 8 before she missed one. She also made some improvement on the standard agility course with the contact obstacles. What I seem to be having trouble with is she came to a total stop on all four courses and I could not get her moving again. I don't know if she is frustrated with me or she is uncertain on where she needs to go next or maybe it's something else entirely. I just don't know what to do to make a difference. Our next trial in at the end of the month so I'll try to get to the bottom of it before then. I'd still like to finish a complete course. But I'm seeing improvement and that's a good thing.
Above is my progress of Spring Arbor. As predicted I didn't have much time to work on anything. I did get a little stitching in at the trial on Saturday and I did a bit before I left on Sunday. I should be able to finish the stitching today and hopefully get the beading done. To be honest, beading is not my favorite thing to do so I need to take care of it right off or it will sit for a long time. So hopefully this piece will be finished tonight. Then I can start on my other Drawn Thread piece, Sampler of Stitches. My silk came in the mail on Saturday and it's so pretty! I can't wait to start. So for the week I'd like to finish Spring Arbor, work on one of my biggies (Marquior or the Village) and start Sampler of Stitches. Have a great week!

Friday, March 02, 2007

a couple of trees

I'm making good progress with Spring Arbor. These trees really move along quickly. Only three to go. Last night I worked on Marquior for a couple of hours and I'm about half way done with part 6. Tomorrow is my much anticipated agility trial with Molly and it will be a long day. I need to be there sometime before 7:30am I think to check in and get her measured since we don't have an official AKC height card yet. And then we wait. And wait. Novice dogs won't even start running until 1:30pm at the earliest. But it good for me to watch the other handlers at the excellent and open level. And I figure I can bring along some projects and stitch when I can. I'll probably bring my Spring Arbor and also My Treasured Workstation, part 5. MTW will be good no-brainer stitching for a trial. Sunday will be a shorter day, I don't have to be there until we are ready to run - again no early than 1:30pm and I bet I'm home by 3:00pm.

So think of me tomorrow and send a quick wish for good luck - as I said yesterday, our goals are very modest, just mostly to have fun so she wants to continue with agility.

February recap: I made all my goals for February and my March goals are almost the same. :-) Kinda boring, huh?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's March already

I can't believe it's March already. Spring is in just 20 days! Yeah!

I'm making good progress on Spring Arbor. I really enjoy working on all the different stitches. It's a nice break from straight cross stitch. As with the last two Arbors I did, I'll do the beading when everything else is complete. I hate to try to work around the tiny beads with my hoop. I did work on Marquior ABC last night also before agility but still don't have much to show so I'll hold off with a progress picture until I can really see a difference. Maybe tonight.