Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spring Arbor Finis!

Spring Arbor
The Drawn Thread
32 Count Lavender Mist Linen
Recommended silk threads

Here is my completed Spring Arbor. This was the fastest one yet I think (I have previously completed Winter and Fall Arbor) - I only started it on what last Wednesday morning? :-) Almost instant gratification. I was thinking yesterday that I'd love to have the money to send these four projects to Jill Rensel for matting and framing. How pretty that would be! Maybe I'll win the Big Game Lottery this week - it's up to $355 Million. :-) I'll buy everybody a mat! LOL!

My new start for the train is Sampler of Stitches from The Drawn Thread. I'll complete both charts currently available - ABC and DEF before stopping to start something new. I read on the Elegant Stitch website yesterday, that Cynthia Zittel the designer, has GHI finished and she has charted JKL and they should be available in mid-May. Like most of my multi-part projects, I want to stay current with this. It occurred to me the other day that I'll end up paying over $100 for these charts since there are nine of them. Wow! And I'm putting off buying the Carriage House Samplings Alphabet Series because of the cost? It's less money to buy all 24 of those charts (two are freebies and I have those already - just need to find the border chart). And I'd really like to do that big sampler. I think I just need to start buying them here and there when I see them on sale somewhere. Maybe find an auto program that only charges what they really pay in shipping. I hate getting over charged for shipping charts. I've stopped using Stitching Bits & Bobs for that reason alone. Well and the fact that it takes months to get things.

If anyone is interested in splitting the cost of the Sampler of Stitches charts let me know - I'll send you ABC and DEF and you buy GHI and JKL and send those to me. And then I'll send them back to you as soon as I'm finished with them. Then we can do the same for MNO & PQR and STU & VWX. I'd just toss in YZ. :-) Or we could split the cost of that last one.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your Spring Arbor finish! It's beautiful. You can get the CHS alphabet border chart free from CHS. I think I sent Kathy self-addressed stamped envelope. I'm looking forward to your progress of the new project :-)

Meari said...

Spring Arbor is absolutely beautiful! Congrats on the finish.

Katrina said...

Very pretty! Love your finish and I think the alphabet is going to be great.

Anonymous said...

be careful on the DEF portion...I found lots of little mistakes the hard way. The backstitching around the D has some errors...refer to the picture. the diagonal cross stitch should have one in the upper right corner, again refer to the picture.

Carol said...

Congratulations! Your finish is gorgeous! Pretty new start too!

Karoline said...

Spring Arbor is gorgeous Margie, congratulations

Deanne J said...

Spring Arbor is beautiful, congrats.

Great start on the alphabet.