Tuesday, March 27, 2007

back to work

Well it's back to work for me - such a bummer! I love to be home doing nothing with the pugs. They had a great time also just sitting around. The weather was unbelievably wonderful for late March - it was in the 70's everyday! And sunny! I did get a lot of stuff that I can't normally take care of until mid-April. But as you can imagine, my stitching plans suffered. I didn't even look at Marquior ABC so if I want to finish my goals for the month, I need to work on that in the evenings this week. But I don't want to work on it! I want to work on Their Song by BBD, as you can see from the above picture, I could not wait until the first of April to start on it. Aren't the colors just great? I was sorta good today, I popped into my train bag the last piece of the month for My Treasured Workstation. It's the hinge and very boring to stitch as well as look at. :-) I'll finish it up today so I can get back to Their Song for at least one more evening before I get back to Marquior.

I did manage to finish cutting out my quilt and I even started some of the basic sewing yesterday for several hours. But nothing to see yet. This coming weekend I'll be at an agility trial so no quilting for sure and not even much time for stitching.


BeckySC said...

Your progresses are looking great :)

Nicole said...

Great progress on Their Song! This is definitely on my to-do-next list! :)

Katrina said...

Their Song looks great so far, such wonderful colours. Your pillow turned out fabulous too, can't wait to try out this technique myself sometime.

Lana said...

Good job on your progress on Their Song. I like the colors!