Friday, March 23, 2007

It's the weekend

I hardly got in a lick of stitching yesterday it was so nice outside here in Northern Illinois. High 60's and totally sunny - I spent most of the day outside doing early spring stuff in the backyard with the pugs. We all had a blast. I always have to laugh, after not being able to work in the yard for months it's always fun to get out there and take care of stuff that by July/August are a pain in the ass to do. :-)

Here is my progress on Blackstone Fantasy Garden. As predicted I'm now 25% complete with the blackwork portion of the piece. I'm going to put this up for a couple of weeks to work on other things. It did go much fast than I thought possible. 1/4 of the way through with only six train rides. So I'm thinking I can certainly give up three train days for the next three months to get this put away. :-) But of course, we'll see what happens.

Yesterday in the evening while watching a movie, I did get a start on My Treasured Workstation part 5. I had taken a couple of hours a few days ago to chart out my name in cursive. I kinda made up my own with help from the chart that Judy Odell provided. As you can see from the picture I posted, that I made a mistake. :-) My two mm's in my last name look like nn! That is because the chart was a curvy print style rather than a true cursive. And I didn't notice until it was all the way done and stitched into place. So I have a choice of living with it - which is not going to happen or pulling it out. And it's over one... What a chore this is going to be. But I'll take care of it as soon as I'm finished with my blog so my eyes are fresh. And then put it all in again. I probably could just rip out the two nns but I want my last name centered under my first name so the whole things needs to come out.

As for the rest of my weekend and my extra day off on Monday, I plan to finish part 5 of My Treasured Workstation, finish part 6 of Marquior ABC and get a start on Their Song from BBD. My chart should come today. :-) And I need to see if one of my completed projects will work for the tied pillow class tomorrow and work on finishing up my ornament for my SAL. And of course try to find some time to work on my dog bed quilt and my matching lap quilt. The weather is predicted to be in the 40's/50's with rain for most of my days home so that won't interfere with my plans. I'll need every second I have to finish up my list.

Have a great weekend! And thanks for all the lovey comments over the past couple of days. A couple of new people stopped by and said hello. It's nice to have you guys around!


Lucy said...

Wow...I didn't realize that BFG was going to be that detailed...but I never saw it completed...beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Lovely progress on Blackstone Fantasy Garden :) Sorry you have to rip out over one - what a chore!

BTW, the Celtic Birds chart arrived today - thank you so much!

Jamie said...

Such pretty work!

Kimberly said...

BFG looks fabulous. How are Carries Threads to work with?