Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday - it's about time...

I'm so happy it's Friday - I can sleep in tomorrow! Yeah! And take a nice long nap later in the day. There is nothing better than a nice long nap with the pugs all curled up keeping me toasty.

Here is my progress on Block 5 of the Village. Over half way done here - I've been thinking I want to put this behind me so maybe after this block is finished (over the weekend I'm thinking) I'll just continue on to the next block. Of the remaining four blocks only one is wordy so all will be challenges to finish and getting a little ahead would be nice.

I continue work on my Topiary Ornament - not as much progress as I would have liked as I did take a couple of naps on the train yesterday and today. :-)

For the weekend I'd like to complete Block 5 of the Village, part 6 of Marquior and my ornament. I need to also start on something for my pillow so I can finish it next weekend. I'll go through my stuff this weekend and see what I can find. It's hard to believe but I also need to find a new train project for next week! I'm really far ahead of my goals for the month. I'm thinking to give Blackstone Fantasy Garden another go - I'm at the blackwork part of the piece and it was hard to do it on the train but maybe it was just that day and not that it's really hard so I might pop that into my bag for the week. Either that or Quaker Samplings II.

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KarenV said...

You're making great progress on your WIPs Margie :) I'm hoping to carry on with Block 5 of the Village this weekend too!