Monday, February 28, 2011


I had a question last week regarding the fabric around my embroidery hoop. I've seen it called many things, I always call them my hoop huggers. I put one around everything I'm working on whether I'm using a hoop or q-snap. They are super simple to make. This one pictured started out as a 6 inch strip of fabric. I measured the hoop around the outside and multiplied that amount by 2.5. I cut a length of quilting fabric to that measurement six inches wide. I turned under the edges on both sides to make a nice clean edge, stitched up the two ends together to make a continuous piece of fabric and put 1/4 inch elastic under the long edges to gather it and make it stretchy. I like mine wide enough to tuck the extra linen into it while I'm stitching. It does keep the linen nice and clean and every so often I just pop the covers into the wash.

I have seen them on sale on the internet but unfortunately I don't have those links anymore or I would share them.

Just to clear up any confusion I do live with four pugs. :-) But I only own three. Georgie officially belongs to my mom who I live with. When I move out in a couple of months Georgie will remain behind but don't worry, he won't be alone. He will be living with Lily the big yellow lab that also belongs to my mom. In the event that something happens to my mom, I will happily take Georgie at that time to live with me.


Jan said...

That is a neat hugger, Margie!

Susan said...

Thanks for clearing up the pug issue. Will Mom be sad to see you all leave? How is the house hunting? Good Luck!

Happy Stitching!

Alice said...

Hmmm. I just thought my math skills were unusually bad. I like the huggers Margie... why can I see them as a cute ruff for a pug?

Terry said...

Kind Margie, Thank you very much for the info about and instructions for the hoop hugger. I've never seen one before yours, but it's such a great idea. I'm going to make one for myself, and one for my mom and my daughter - they're stitchers, too. Blessings!