Friday, February 18, 2011

a great start

I had a really good start to Pink Hill Manor. Almost the entire border complete in just two train rides? I wish they were all so constructive. But the seasons are changing and it's almost light for the morning train and light for the evening train and that really helps keep me awake. Who knew I was half bear? I'm coming out of hibernation! LOL!

Have a great weekend! The pugs and I are going to do our best for the same. Most of the snow is gone now and all that is left is a yard full of mud and dog poo. I know what part of my weekend will involve. Yuck.


Susan said...

Great start on #4 of the anniversaries! How long is that train ride?

Happy Stitching!

Alice said...

So Pretty!

Rosie said...

Your stitching looks great. I don't seem to go on trains much anymore and they are great to stitch and knit on.
As for your weekend chores of mud and dog poo, yep been there when our snow melted ... not good.

Melody said...

good progress on your stitching. that is really exciting news about your house hunting! good for you!! I love your blackbird design piece, there is something I really love about the checkered house!!