Tuesday, February 22, 2011

all I can do is smile today :-)

Loving my progress on Pink Hill Manor. My dye lot of Jacky Brown isn't as pink as the photo and it's a nice color.

Thanks so much for all your kind words regarding the return of Izzy! I'm still pinching myself. I got a call last night from my BIL and they just couldn't take the chaos of two puppies anymore. The two puppies were not playing well together at all and were total terrors when they tried. Izzy who had totally bonded to me didn't want much to do with them and they thought her offstandish and not very affectionate. Hunter was preoccupied with playing with Izzy and in turn ignored them. While the puppies were with me I crated trained them so they would sleep in crates at night giving them a break. But my sister and BIL are not fans of crating so they let them roam around at night. They would disrupt the household in the middle of the night with their antics and no one was sleeping. All good for me it turns out. :-)
When I got her home Izzy ran around with the pugs and greeted each one. The pugs were like, where've you been Iz? Georgie was especially happy to see her. She didn't stop waging her tail until we went to bed and she fell asleep.

She is bigger than all of them!

I'm one happy camper. And I am here to tell you, it really is easier with only one puppy. Breakfast was so easy without Hunter around. I think most things will be easier with just the one. I'm so glad I get to find out.
Now I really need to find a new name for my blog. :-)


Jennifer said...

LOVE Pink Hill Manor. Have resisted getting this design for awhile but it would look soooooo good stitched in one of my guest bedrooms.

Your progress is great and Jakey Brown is one of my FAVE pinks of all time!


Alice said...

Still grinning with happiness for you! Izzy looks so happy with the pugs and vice versa! Beautiful stitching too.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Pink Hill Manor is looking great! Yeah that Izzy is where she belongs! What a fun, crazy household you're going to have!

Kathy said...

Oh but Izzy looks so at home with your pugs. I am so glad that it has worked out for you and for Izzy, Now everyone will be much happier. But what fun having a pup in the house.

Robin said...

Welcome home (and back), Izzy! You are going to have such a good life with Margie and your pug friends.

Your Pink Hill Manor looks great!

valerie said...

Your AotH is looking great so far! Glad to hear that you and the pugs have reunited with Izzy. She is so cute!

Berit said...

NOT surprised in the least--but so happy for you she's back. :)

JulieF1962 said...

I'm so happy for both you and Izzy!

Deborah said...

I am so glad for you, Izzy and the Pugs. Everyone looks happy and content.

Lumiruusu said...

I just became a follower of your blog,I really admire your stitching beacuse I am just a beginner..
Pink Hill Manor looks grate,
I have that pattern as my WIP too ,
it is a very pretty design.

Izzy seems to be a very good friend to your pugs,I am happy that Puppy may live with you and pugs.

With My best greetings,
Maija.L from Finland

Michelle said...

Pink Hill is looking so pretty - I do like the color. You're definitely going to have to rename the blog now! LOL!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Margie ~
I personally think you are crazy, but more power to you. Enjoy every minute of puppyhood.
Pug hugs :)

Karen said...

Margie, I'm so glad to see that Izzy is back with you! It sounds like the best solution for all concerned :-)

Melody said...

I'm so happy for you! So glad to hear Izzy came back to live with you for good!! It was meant to be.

Beth said...

So very glad! I know you will train her, care for her, and love her oodles!

And This Little Pig said...

I have a name for you... Three Cool Pugs, Me and the Lab Experiment or Experience.

Crate training is a must no matter what breed you own, well unless it is a little mini foxie (rat terrier) named Meah, who only has one bed... mine

Pink Hill Manor is looking mighty fine.

LiBBiE in Oz

Susan said...

If you stacked the pugs one upon the other, they would be taller than Izzy. Just another perspective on the situation.

Great stitching progress!

Happy Stitching!

Theresa said...

So happy that everything worked out!!! Love the puppy photos~~