Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I'm still here :-)

As you can see not a lot has been stitched in the last two weeks. Mostly because of the following photos. It's still full blown puppy time at my house. :-) So between the puppies, a blizzard and jury duty last week, I haven't had much time to stitch. And whenever I try, one or both of the puppies wants to eat my project. Not good.

But here are some random shots from the last couple of weeks. The aftermath of the blizzard. I missed the snow of '99 as I was living in LA at the time and I was only 5 years old for the snow of '67 and I don't remember much. But this will will linger in my mind for years to come. 20+ inches of snow is a lot. It's hard to tell from the photo just how much snow is in the backyard because of all the blowing and it's also hard packed and the dogs are running on top of at least 12 or so inches. Over the course of the storm I had to go outside every couple of hours to keep shoveling snow away from the door because it would have been five or six feet high if I didn't and we would not have been able to get out at all. This is Hunter, Izzy and Georgie running and playing. Hunter loves it, Izzy and the pugs not so much.
Hunter playing while it was still snowing. I had to shovel a path for the pugs.
I don't let Hunter on the couch but every time I turn my back this seems to happen. That's Molly with him.
Izzy loves to go back to bed after she goes outside - every time she comes back in she runs right to the bed and snuggles in. She is not much for the cold and snow.

See what I mean about turning my back? Hunter, Aoife, Izzy, Molly and Clancy all taking a nap. When Izzy came two and a half weeks ago, she was smaller than my smallest pug, Aoife. Now she is bigger than the biggest, Georgie.

Molly and Izzy taking a nap. Yes, Izzy is special and she gets to sleep on the couch.

I have all but begged my sister and brother-in-law let me keep Izzy. My sister is willing but my bil won't. They have no clue what they are taking on. Maybe if they had been able to train Hunter to do anything I would not be so adamant that they are making a mistake but that 5 month old lab is out of control and they are clueless as to what to do. Now they are going to ruin another. And my bil has stage 4 colon cancer and is in no condition to take on another puppy and my sister isn't up to the job either as she is sick with an autoimmune disease. I told them it was stupid idea before Ken got sick but now it's asinine and borders on insane.

I love that little puppy so much. It hurts just to think about her leaving but I expect one day this week I'll come home from work and she will be gone. No good deed goes unpunished for sure. :-(


Kelly said...

Sorry to hear your BIL is so sick. The pups are all so cute. Thanks for posting more pictures. Suprised to see Molly has a new friend. Figured she might not agree to sharing the couch.

Annie said...

What a snowy winter, huh? Spring can't come too soon for me.

They sure make themselves comfortable at your house. Sorry about your BIL. It's a difficult time and decisions aren't always rational when emotions run high.

Alice said...

I'm sorry you will be hurt by Izzy leaving. I would be as attached as you have gotten too.

anniebeez said...

Oh that is so sad when you are in love with a puppy!! Maybe you could give gentle pointers about how much exercise labs need, and discipline. They deserve a chance to be good dogs, but the people who own them have to take on that responsibility. Oh I'm sorry, I'm just preaching to the choir here. Maybe they will change their mind about Izzy after a couple of days of chaos.Oh I feel for you-I know what it is to love a dog!

Marcy said...

Cute doggie pics -- especially the one with them looking up at you :)

It's so easy to get attached to puppies. I hope all goes well for your family and the new pup. Labs are definitely a handful.

Katrina said...

OMG, what cute pictures. Maybe when they have both dogs at home and realize how much work it is they will change their minds? Just leave the option open.

And I am so, so sorry about your BIL!!!! That's a lot to deal with, lots of good thoughts and prayers for him and your sister.

Susan said...

My girlfriend had the same and is a survivor for 1 1/2 yrs now! Yeah! Keep healthy thoughts!

Dog notes - you could always rescue them/her back after a few weeks/days.

Happy doggy stitching!

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your BIL and sister. I do hope that they realize what work another puppy will be and change their minds.

I hope your weather lets up soon!!

Le blog de marylin said...

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Le blog de marylin said...

your dogs it's very beautiful

have a good day

marylin France

Colorado Stitcher said...

Maybe after having the two pups for a while they will see the error of thier ways and give you Izzy afterall. I am partial to hunter (our first lab as a fox yellow lab) but Izzy sure is a cutie pie!!