Monday, February 21, 2011

it's almost a house

I stitched over the weekend! Miracle of Miracles. :-) I didn't have as much time as I had planned. I kept getting distracted by this pile of dust and this pile of laundry, oh, look there is a dust bunny! And before I knew it, it was Sunday afternoon and I finally sat down. But the house is nice and clean.

No train ride today - I'm working from home. So there is a good two hours less that will get stitched today. :-( But the extra two hours sleep I got this morning sure was nice.


Cari said...

Wow've got some smokin' needles going! Looks beautiful. Enjoy your day at home!

Susan said...

Sleep is good! House is looking great! Hope weather improves for you as you probably had all of that weather come through yesterday.

Happy Stitching!

Alice said...

Looking good! Every now and then having a clean house is wonderful. I know that I enjoy my stitching time more when I don't have that dust bunny sneaking up behind me.

Nicole said...

Beautiful progress! :)