Monday, April 26, 2010

not much crafting going on

I didn't put needle to linen all weekend. Nor did I quilt. Nor did I clean. :-) I'll be busy after work this week for sure. Other things kept getting my attention - like watching tv, reading, napping, playing with the pugs and shopping. I bought myself the start of a Trollbead bracelet and a frame for my rug hooking. That is the story of my weekend. :-)
I did hook a bit and now all I have left on this little rug is the filling in with background. I can't wait for the new frame to arrive - it will make repositioning the linen while I work so much easier. That means I'm ready for a big girl rug. :-)


JulieF1962 said...

I'm thinking of getting into rug hooking myself. At the quilt show I saw a booth selling Morgan double decker frames and a variety of hooks for this craft. The vendor really liked the frame, but I'm not sure it's useful for larger rugs. I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing which hook you use, and what brand frame you decided on? Thanks!

Siobhan said...

It sounds like a good weekend, even if you didn't get to stitch or quilt! ;) I like your rug hooking progress.

Margaret said...

As long as you enjoyed your weekend, that's all that matters. Your rug is looking so pretty! Can't wait to see the big girl rugs you're going to tackle. :D

Rugs and Pugs said...

Margie ~
OK. So I live in a cave. What, pray tell, is a Trollbead bracelet? Something like a Pandora?
What kind of frame did you order? A good frame can make a world of difference!
Pug hugs :)
P.S. Playing with the pugs is is napping ;-)

Anonymous said...