Monday, April 05, 2010

no agility love for us

Clancy and I had one of the worst trials we have had in a while. On Saturday he just didn't want to play - that happens sometimes with him and I've had to learn to live with it. On Sunday Clancy came ready to play but on his terms. I could not get that dog to do his weave poles to save my life. And to drive the knife further into my chest I went out in the backyard the second we got home and he did them 10 times in a row perfectly. :-( I wish I could figure what I'm doing at trials to toss him off. But in any case I think it's time to cut back on AKC trials a bit until things improve. Maybe I'll go play at NADAC which means nothing to me. Just to get him back to doing weaves at trials.
I found a little time to work on Dresser Drawer Hearts from SB. This one is going to be quick and I'm enjoying it. I love doing all the speciality stitches.
Yesterday we got home pretty early from the trial so I sat down and started to piece my Small Things quilt. I managed to get three blocks finished before I started to get tired. :-) These are a huge improvement over the test block I did on Friday (photo at the end of this posting) and once I got the hang of the process, much quicker than my test block. I repeated each fabric twice and I used fabrics that leaned more toward light than medium. All the courthouse step blocks in this quilt will have that little red center. I think it really shows up nice. Only 33 blocks to go! One more light block with the rest being dark/light combos. I was asked what sort of foundation paper I use when doing paper piecing. I've used a varity of products including the wash out paper. Right now I'm using a product called Simple Foundations from C&T Publishing. But any light weight vellum paper works as nice and you can pick that up from Office Depot for less money. But I was at the quilt store when I knew I needed more paper so I purchased it there.
Here are the light courthouse steps blocks with a few of the basket blocks that I did last month. This is going to be one cool quilt! And small - each block is 4 inches square finished and the entire quilt only 24 by 32!

The test block again. I'm so glad I took the time to do this - the new blocks are 100% better. :-)


Berit said...

These blocks are looking lovely! it's good that you don't get *too* angry at poor Clancy.

Who knows; maybe he's thinking you're tired so he's trying to get you to go home 'n rest? I don't know much about pugs in particular, but I do know that dogs are smart (and loving), yet they can draw the wrong conclusion. Dear Marc was talking the other day about how his dog used to get all worried when anyone sneezed and would have to come and get in their face and sniff around worriedly with a solicitous concern to "see if they'd died".

So, maybe he's like, "Mom's stressed, and needs more rest; I'll just sit these poles out so we can go home sooner." lol! And, of course he doesn't figure that it's his refraining that stresses you out! And when you get home of course he does 10 perfect laps in the yard, lol!!

Ah, dogs! Truth be known, I'm more of a "cat lady", but I do like a good dog, too! If I had a large enough place I'd probably have 3 or 4 cats and a long-suffering large dog (or two). ;)

Margaret said...

What a bummer about the trials. :( Hope things improve with time. I love your SB piece. And that quilt --- it's going to be gorgeous!!!! Love it so far! I agree, the courthouse blocks look a lot better than the sample one you did.

Alice said...

I love your quilting. About Clancy, I'm sorry. That must be very frustrating.

Theresa said...

Sorry to hear about what happened on the trails... I hope things will get better later on.

I love your quilt blocks!! They are gorgeous!!!! I can tell you put in a lot of work into it!!!

Deb said...

Those blocks are great. I think I was one of the people that asked you about the paper. I was assuming that they were preprinted paperpiecing sheets. Or a pattern that you copied from a book!
Anyway, I like your newer blocks too.

And it sounds like your dogs are like children definitely - never do things correctly when they're suppose to!

Kielrain said...

Those quilt blocks are beautiful. I am in awe.