Monday, April 19, 2010

forgot my chart!

This morning when I got on the train to come to work I realized that I left my Ms. Fred chart at home. How I did that I'll never know - such a bonehead. :-) But I remembered that there are 22 diamonds across the top of the piece so I was able to at least stitch something. I'll look for a photo online and count the diamonds along the sides so I can continue there on the way home.

Over the weekend I did manage to get some crafting in. I worked on my little rug pillow a bit. This piece is really coming together. :-)

On Sunday after the scheduled lawn work I managed to quilt for several hours (I didn't go back to the quilt show). I finished off the last of the light blocks for my Small Things quilt and got a start on the 36 dark/light courthouse steps blocks. I've been able to take some time off each blocks - now they are coming in around 45 minutes each. I have 32 blocks or 24 hours to go before I can put everything together. :-)

I've been spending parts of my weekends working outside. Here is a shot of my koi. I have a high fish load but I've worked it out quilt nicely over the years so they are fine in my 15' x 20' pond. Some of the koi and goldfish in it are 10 years old and quite large - several more than 2 feet long.

The fish photos were taken two weekends ago after I cleaned it out. The water lilies are much more grown by now and the other plants around the pond more grown.
This is a weeping cherry tree I call Bailey's tree. My beloved Himalayan cat Bailey's ashes are under it. I bought the tree the spring after he died at 17 years old. Actually only half of his ashes are here. The other half are in a brass urn that I'm keeping so we can be together again someday. :-)


Alice said...

I'm so glad you were able to still stitch on your commute. Your koi pond is amazing, as is Bailey's tree.

Melissa said...

As usual, I'm always impressed at how much stitching you get done!

I love that weeping tree. I find them very graceful.

The fish pond is lovely. And to think you have fish that's 10 years old and 2 ft in length! I guess you don't get other animals like raccoons in your area. I always worry about that and hence no pond here!

Happy Stitchy week!

Theresa said...

Love your pond, and your beloved tree!!!

You really got a lot done over the weekend, that quilt and rug are looking very nice~~~

Margaret said...

Bummer about the chart -- glad you could just work on the diamonds at least. Love your rug so far, and the quilt is gorgeous! Now how do the Koi survive the winter? Does the pond freeze? I love koi -- they're so pretty! And your weeping cherry -- one of my favorite trees. So pretty!

Berit said...

How clever of you to do that part of the work! And, a good idea to check 'Rika online to see the count for the side border! :D

I LOVE your koi pond, and have wanted one for as long as I can remember! Thanks for sharing photos. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, I know that feeling of leaving the chart. I've done that for lunch in the car stitching and Oh it's a bad feeling! LOL


Rugs and Pugs said...

Margie ~
Your pond is amazing ~ and HUGE! I'm impressed. My little "pond" is about 3' in diameter.
Your little quilt is so cute and your hooking ~ it is so perfect. You can be proud of it!!!
Pug hugs :)

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