Tuesday, April 20, 2010

going with the flow

Even though I retrieved my wayward chart from my coffee table, I decided to continue with the border on Ms. Fred. There is something to be said for mindless stitching at 6:00am. :-) I might even put in some more of the black lines that go around the diamonds. Now that is totally mindless. :-) But it has to be done at some point so it might as well be now.

I have in hand all my Laura J. Perin American Quilt Collection counted needlepoint patterns that I need for my six Christmas presents. I ended up with: State Fair, Toad in a Puddle, Ocean Waves, Hide 'N Seek, Falling Leaves and Cluster of Lilies. They all have a finished count of around 168 x 168 and the ones that don't I'll make it so. ;-) And I have purchased the variegated thread that each one requires plus the 24 count congress cloth that I'm using. Now I need to order the #8 DMC for each one. Then I NEED to get going or else I'll never finish all six before December. And I must not forget that I need to order all six boxes that I'm using to finish them. And it's almost May! I was going to do one every two months and I'm falling more and more behind every day. But I should be able to work on them on the train, that was mostly the reason I'm doing them on congress cloth rather than 18 count canvas. I can get them on a 12" frame and that should fit into my stitching bag.


Sharlotte said...

This is looking so nice, just love the colors!! You turn out so many things ,I'll bet that you'll get those Christmas gifts done! ;) I love all that stash on Sunday's post! Wow, I know you are having fun just thinking about it!!

Julie M said...

Your WIP is looking great Margie! I'd be panicking if I were you on the Christmas stitching. 6 of them plus the boxes to get ready!!! Yikes! Here's hoping you find lots time to stitch on the train!!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Your WIP is really coming along nicely! Good luck with those 6 presents!!!

Anonymous said...