Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Thanks to everyone who responded yesterday to my stitching dilemma. :-) It's the journey for sure. And since I spent weeks, even months working on the colors for this piece and made them just perfect (for my taste in any case) I will continue to work on it at my leisure. I think this round will last until Friday when my weekend stitching starts. I'd love to get across the entire bottom by then. I'm sure by early next week I'll have my new Loose Feathers and I can start finishing the Mystery.

Look what I found yesterday?
It's one of the new Nashville releases from Ellen of With My Needle called A Fair Maiden's Etui. I LOVE everything about it. I think I have to have it. :-) I think I even like it more than the etui I have already pre-ordered everything for. Oh well. A girl can never than too many toys.

Yesterday I actually counted all the things I purchased from last year's Nashville market. I ordered a total of eleven items (a mix of charts and complete kits). As of today, I have completed four of them and have two in process (Quaker Turtles and Garden Chair) that I should be finished totally with before my 2009 treasures arrive. That's not too bad I think. Better than I thought for sure yesterday.


Melissa said...

Your progress picture looks great! I'm looking forward to seeing your picture. There sure are a lot of pretty new things coming out at Market,

MyLifesAStitch said...

Wow.... you are my stitching hero!! I have been following your blog for a few months (just lurking until I got my blog set up) and I've been amazed - every time you post - by the beautiful work you do, and with the speed you accomplish it! How do you do it??

Siobhan said...

Margie, YGG! It really is so pretty, it'd be a shame to let all the work be for nothing. Love the new releases coming out!! I don't stitch (m)any smalls but I just might be tempted to do that one!

Doris said...

oh the etui look amazing.