Friday, January 09, 2009

half way

I've reached the half way point on Blessings and Kind Wishes chart wish but not stitch wise. :-) I hope to have everything stitched in - I'll save the start on the house for on the way to work Monday.

I made a little more progress on block 1 of my HoHRH. There is so much to this block. :-)

I also joined the Beatrix Potter SAL. I have had this chart in my stash for almost two years. I never put a stitch in and thought this would be a good chance to get it started. I'm doing mine on 35 count Vikki Clayton linen, Mushroom using her silk in Winterberried. Should be a pretty combo and I'm hoping to receive it in the mail tomorrow. I'd love to get the first couple of stitches in this weekend.


Cindy F. said...

Margie!! You are one fast stitcher!!
Beautiful progress on both pieces!

Lucy said...

I keep saying I'm doing the HoHRH but it's the Village...they are all beautiful!