Monday, January 05, 2009

My New Year start

I made Houses of Hawk Run Hollow my New Year's start. The goal will be one block a month and since I stuck to it when I did the Village, I'm hoping to have the same results with this piece. As you can see, I have already changed the first block. I like to have a space to add my name and date and how perfect to replace Ms. Bailey with me. :-) Apologizes to Ms. Bailey of course. ;-)

I also tried to make the new mystery, Le Grand Marquoir a new start but I tried three times to work with a Hand Dyed Fiber silk and just didn't like how it was turning out. The linen I choose to work with is 35 count in Havana from Weeks Dye Works. It's a lovely dark goldish color. The three different skeins I tried all looked great but I hate the stripy look when I use skeins that use three or four very different shades. So I put in the letter A three different times trying to get happy with it. I finally decided that a variegated shade with one color family works best for me with such a large piece. So I purchased a fourth color to try out. I ended up with Steelies 2453, a medium/dark steel blue. My skein at home showed a lot of color variation within the skein and I'm hoping that the 15 skeins I purchased yesterday have the same sort of variation. Cross your fingers for me.

I thought I would end this post, with a pug photo. I've been finding a lot more pug based blogs lately so I thought I would get with the swing of the name of my blog and add more pug photos and news.

I have a chilly living room in the winter so I always use a space heater. And pugs just love heat. So hear are Clancy and Aoife snuggled up to each other and the heater. I don't know how they stand it. :-) Of course they are not your usual big/chubby pugs so they have a lot less body fat than is the norm.


Cindy F. said...

Margie, you've made great progress already on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow! Love how you added your name.
The new mystery piece is incredible!!

Laura said...

Your are such a fast stitcher. HOHRH looks fantastic already. And such a cute pugsly picture of Clancy and Aoife.

The Grand Marquoir is a beautiful design. I am sure it will be worth the wait for the new thread.

Melissa said...

Your progress on HOHRH looks great. You have great determination. I love your goal of one house a month. Your pix of your pugs are adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Katrina said...

Margie, love all your finishes, the St. Reatham piece, the mystery sampler are all gorgeous.

I am going to try and do the same with the VoHRH piece this year. I'd love to have at least one finished :-).

Pugs are sweeties as always!

The Scarlett house said...

Good luck with VoHRH. That one took me many months to finish, but it's so worth sticking with it. I just love the picture of the Pugs curled up together by the heat. My Bostons do the same thing.

Karoline said...

Nice start on HoHRH, cute photo of the pugs