Tuesday, May 06, 2008

tough, tough weekend

I started working on a small piece from the Blackbird Design booklet, With Needle and Thread yesterday. And that was all the stitching that happened for five whole days! That must be a record for me. I did drag it along to each day of the agility trial but I never even took it out of my bag. This is a small piece and I should be done by the end of the week.

As for the agility trial it was a tough one for me and Clancy. This is the first trial he has never brought home a ribbon. He came close twice, on Friday he almost Q'd his standard course but blew his A-Frame contact and on Saturday he almost Q'd his jumpers run but popped out of his weave poles. Other than that there is nothing to really shout about. I sure hope the rest of the months trials go better. We have four more to go. :-)

I did get a little more work done outside yesterday on my final day of my mini break and I even finished my brick walkway. And since it's the second time I had to build it, I think it looks even better this time. ;-)

Thanks so much for the really kind comments regarding Moire. Many people asked how I'm going to finish it. Well that is a surprise. It's an exchange piece and while I'm a 100% sure (ok, 99% sure) that my partner doesn't read my blog, you never know and I want the finished project to remain a secret until she sees it. But let me tell you, it's really cool! :-)


Kathy said...

You and Clancy will do better the rest of the month. He was just rusty from not getting to work out,etc. It will be better in the coming weeks.

Good luck getting some stitching done. You are so fast stitching anyway. Not much of a problem missing out on one weekend.

June said...

You made a good start on your Blackbird design! :)

I'm sure Clancy will do better on the next trials - this time he was just getting the feel for things and warming up. ;)

Twana said...

Sorry to hear you didn't bring home a ribbon this weekend. What does Q'd mean? Your stitching looks like it's going to be a cute and fun piece.

Barbara said...

Love your new start. And better luck next time with the dog trials!