Monday, May 12, 2008

Book of Ink Circles progress

Here is my progress on Book of Ink Circles. I finished up part 3 and more of the part 1 border. I'm going to put this up until part 4 comes out on May 27 then I do a little more border. I picked up St. Reatham this morning for my train rides. I'll post a progress photo tomorrow when there is a little more to show. I didn't get much done this morning.

It was another tough weekend for me and Clancy at the agility trial. Weave poles are turning out to be the enemy. :-( It's so bad right now I think I might start to pick him up and end our run if he fails to complete them. It sounds kinda mean but right now he gets to continue the game whether or not he does one pole or twelve. He needs to learn that the only correct way is twelve. Then the reward is continuing on. I'm going to consult with my teacher if this is the direction we should go. Since there is not a problem with weaves in class or at home, this might help. I will put in some practice this week at home since on Friday I'm driving to Ohio to meet up with a friend who also runs pugs to compete in a trial in Toledo. On the bright side, he made both his A-frame contacts! :-) That made me happy.

I had a question last week as to what a Q is in regards to agility. A "Q" is a qualifying score - meaning the dog in question has met the criteria for successfully completing a course. In addition to a Q award, the top four dogs in each class also receive a placement ribbon. So Qs are good and NQ (non-qualifying scores) are not so good. We had a NQ weekend.


Kathy said...

Sorry Clancy is getting lazy. Maybe he needs a little more encouragement. Dogs really do have a mind of their own and sometimes that gets in the way of what we want.

You Ink Circles piece is looking good. Your colors look better than what she uses on the patterns. I was just about to decide not to do it. Now I want to see more of yours before I decide. Great work.

Twana said...

Thank you for explaining what a Q is. Sorry to hear it was another bad weekend. BoInk is looking good!

Sharon said...

Nice progress on this one! Your two finishes are lovely!