Friday, May 09, 2008

Papillion Part 4 finis

I finished up part 4 of the Papillion Creations Mystery yesterday. I also finished up part 3 of the Ink Circles project but I'm waiting to take a picture until I finish a little more border around the section. I'm going pretty slow now for two reasons, 1), I made a huge counting error before I even got to part two and 2), I'm not really sure if I like the piece of not. Maybe it's the colors I picked or the design itself but right now I'm kinda cold towards it. So I don't want to invest a ton of time and supplies into it if I let it go in a couple of months.

This weekend is the second agility trial of the month with Clancy. My goals after last weekends show are very modest. I'd like two contacts on his a-frames and two weave poles. Please wish us luck. :-)


AlineKa said...

Good luck for your agility trial, tomorrow I have one too, but here in France... with my border collie! I know exactly what you can feel... Just enjoy, sometimes it's the best way to have results!

Kathy said...

Good luck to you and Clancy. He will do great.

Like your Papillion Mystery Sampler. The colors are so awesome. I have it all downloaded, but have not decided if I want to do it. Also am trying to decide about Ink Circles. I will be interested to see your progress. Not sure I like their suggested colors.

Have a fun weekend with the Pugs.

Barbara said...

Gorgeous stitching!

And good luck with Clancy. Though when you have talent, you don't really need luck, do you? ;)