Monday, April 21, 2008

wonky weekend

I hardy put a thread to linen over the weekend. It was so nice outside both days I worked outside rather than sit inside and stitch. I got a ton of my annual spring list done and things are really shaping up well.

On Friday night I did manage to finish my first part of Quaker Turtles - the top shell of the needlebook. These pieces are so tiny! Below is my start of the bottom shell of the needlebook. I'm going to stitch all eight pieces before I start to put them together and I'm stitching them in the order of the number of stitches in the piece - I'm doing the high count items first. Maybe then I'll feel like I'm breezing through them.

Yesterday evening I sat down to work on part 2 of my Book of Ink Circles. I was almost done with the first color when I discovered that I over counted by one and I have a ton of frogging to do. I was not in the mood to do it then so I put my stitching aside for the weekend. I never even looked at my Papillion Creations Mystery. Maybe this week in the evenings after I frog out BoINK.


Barbara said...

So sorry the frog came to visit! Stick to turtles! LOL!!

Twana said...

I'm right there with you on BOInk. Daggone thing took almost as long to rip out as it did to put in.