Thursday, April 17, 2008

moving on for now

Well I'm almost out of silk. :-( I have put an order in for more and I should receive it next week sometime. I'll do my best to start right back when it shows up.

Part four of the Papillion Creations mystery I'm working on is now available. So my weekend will be about the two mysteries - Ink Circles and PC. The PC part is very small - just a few hours or work I'm thinking and the IC is not much more, perhaps five hours or so. I'm hoping to finish both plus get more outline finished from IC part one.


Barbara said...

It's astonishing how much floss these monochrome designs "devour", isn't it?!

June said...

It's looking great! Barbara is right - it's amazing how much thread monochrome designs use.

Patti said...

Barbara it is looking absolutely superb! Can't wait to see more of it. Keep up the good work. Lots of love Patti xxx