Friday, April 25, 2008

Celtic Birds II Finis

Celtic Birds II by the Sunflower Seed
HDF Paua Abalone
40 count Natural Brown Linen

I finished up Celtic Birds last night. It feels good to put this one to bed! I still think Paua Abalone was not the best choice of varriagated silk to use but overall it looks ok. And it looks nice next to Celtic Birds I done with HDF Indigo Ocean.

The weather is turning here, getting back to more seasonabilly temps which for this time of year are in the 50's. I sure have enjoyed a week of 60's! It's supposed to rain for most of the weekend so I most likely won't get much work done outside. But that's ok, I need a break and I have two baby quilts to piece this weekend.

The pugs and I need to do some serious training over the weekend also. Next Friday starts the first of four agility weekends in a row. I'm hoping for his Open titles. :-) I had to laugh when I looked over at the couch and saw this:
I'm working from home today and this is how my pugs spend their day. Quite the contrast with my friend Jesse. Jesse has four pugs and they are/have all been involved in agility. In fact her two current agility pugs, Kittie and Abby are two of the top scoring pugs in the country. Anyway, Jesse posted on her blog today about her dog walking job - with photos of how her pugs spent the day - running, jumping, playing in the mud! It couldn't be any different on how my pugs spend the day. :-)

Have a good one!


Kathy said...

OMG, are they not cute or what!!! They steal your heart looking at them like that.

Been sharing your Celtic Birds II with the designer. She likes the color you used. Great job.

Stay dry this weekend. We are sending it on it you.

Sharon said...

Your finish is lovely! Congrats. Your babies look adorable all asleep! Thanks for answering my questions about the VC spools.

Katrina said...

It's very pretty! Congrats on the finish.

The pugs are too cute :-).

Karoline said...

Awww what utter contentment :)

Congratulations on finishing Celtic Birds, they're lovely

Barbara said...


And that picture of the pugs is priceless. :D

Nicole said...

Beautiful stitching as always Margie! Your pugs are so sweet!!

June said...

Congrats on your pretty finish. LOVE the photos of the pugs - just gorgeous. What a hard life they lead... :D

Twana said...

Looks like they're getting their rest for the upcoming month. Celtic Birds is gorgeous!