Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Papillion Creations Mystery Part 3 finis

I finished up part 3 of the Papillion Creations Mystery on Sunday. It was fast like the other two parts. It's pretty and I'm glad I started it.

Here is my progress on My Needle's Work. I should be finished by the end of the week if I can stay awake on the train. ;-)

Clancy ended the agility trial over the weekend with just the one First Place Novice Standard finish and his new Novice Standard title. On Sunday his open jumpers run as incredible as Saturday's but I pulled him off a jump causing him to back jump it (sorry Clancy) and his first open standard run was forgettable. He didn't even do his weaves which he had been doing perfect his other three runs. But I'm still very proud of him. Two titles in just six trials. Tonight is class and I'm bringing cookies with his name on them to celebrate.

My agility coach, Anne Riba was at the AKC Nationals Trial in Oklahoma City over the weekend. She came in second place in the 20" category with her Belgian Malinois, Temi. Congratulations Anne!


Teejay said...

The Papillion Creations piece is so very lovely, what a great finish! Your Needleworker is also coming along very nicely!

Karoline said...

They're both lovely Margie, congratulations to Clancy

Barbara said...

WOOF! Rigby sends his congratulations to Clancy. :)

Lovely stitching. That PC mystery is an eye-popper!

Sharon said...

Love your finish-so pretty! Congratulations Clancy!

Michelle said...

That mystery just gets prettier with every part released. Congrats on finishing this part up quickly - gorgeous!