Friday, April 18, 2008

did a little shopping

I forgot to take a final progress photo of Celtic Birds II before I left for work this morning. Last night I used up the last of my available Paua Abalone silk and managed to finish the border and most of the head of the second bird. I have just to body to go and I'll get to that next weekend hopefully.

I did spend some time yesterday checking out the On-line Needlework Show. A couple things caught my eye. But mostly I liked the same designs I've always liked.

This is my favorite piece of the show that was new to me - its a Dutch designer - Marion Freyzer, and it's called Randenlap Celtic. Randenlap means band sampler in Dutch according the their website.

I've also been purchasing a lot of HDF lately. Vikki has started a spool program where you can request the colors of the silk and if there are five takers of spools, she will dye them special for your. This was one of the offerings this week. I was hoping it would be a bit greener but I think it will stitch up very pretty. Because.....
I bought this chart to stitch it on - Quaker Medallions by Rosewood Manor - it was a release several months ago and it's been in my mind to buy it for a while now. I'm picturing the above silk on a really dark tan. I think that would make the colors pop.

I also found a new designer (for me anyway) Stone and Thread - I puchased a couple of charts, As The Crow Flies and Garden Flowers - I think they are very cute (and quick).

No major plans for the weekend expect work on the backyard. We had a new concrete patio put in this week to replace the wood deck that was destroyed in February when the deck roof collapsed. They made such a mess of the garden in front of it and they totally ruined the brick walkway I had as an entrance to the lawn. I have to redo the entire brick walkway and it's a job and a half for one person and I need to start it this weekend. I'm away on agility events every weekend in May so it's not or never. I won't be able to move by Sunday evening. :-)

Have a great weekend!


Barbara said...

Oh, I love that silk - it will look beautiful for that design! Your other design picks are tops, too!

CraftyT said...

Gotta love the spool forum, though it can get you into trouble.LOL

I love that color, what is the name of it?

And the Stone and Thread charts those are new to me also, I like the black bird chart.

Have a great weekend

Carol R said...

Pretty colour thread and Quaker Medallions would look great with it on a dark fabric - go for it!

Sharon said...

Oh Margie, you are enabling and here I was telling Barbara on her blog that I wasn't really buying anything new-lol. That band sampler is beautiful and though I have been through the show-I missed that! Love the spool of HDF-what a lovely color.