Friday, May 25, 2007

Quaker Samplings II Finis

With My Needle
Quaker Samplings II
32 count Sugar Maple by Lakeside Linens
Milady's Teal by Crescent Colours

And both my Quaker Samplings - I like the two different colors together.

I finished up Quaker Samplings II last night on the train ride home. I put in the last couple of stitches as the train pulled into the station. :-)

I didn't do anything else the rest of the night. I got home and took the pugs for a nice long walk. Then I started to putz around outside and didn't even come into the house until after 8:00pm. So I quick ate some dinner and then crashed out on the couch. Sure felt nice! I'm working from home today but it will be slow. So many people are taking the day off now before the long weekend. It will be a good day. Maybe I'll work on St. Reatham when I have a chance.... Or maybe not.... :-)

My lead on Beatrix Potter's Quaker Sampler did not pan out so I'm still looking for a copy. If any one knows of someone who is still selling it please let me know. I'm looking for a copy.

If you celebrate Memorial Day, have a great long weekend. If you don't still have a great weekend.


Itching To Stitch said...

Wow, talk about flying needles! Your finish is beautiful ;)

Anonymous said...

You really are a fast stitchers. Your Quaker finish looks wonderful!!! It's a beautiful colour!

Linen Stitcher said...

Now that I see how wonderful (!!) your two Quaker Samplings look together, I'm thinking that I may have to do both, too. But I don't know if I can decide which one to start first . . . . Thanks for the inspiration!!

BeckySC said...

Gorgeous :) Congratulations :)
Have a lovely weekend :)

Michelle said...

Gorgeous! And the two pieces look beautiful together. I bought my BP sampler from Emlis not too long ago. Maybe she still has 1?

Katrina in NZ said...

your needles have been flying lately Margie, well done on another great finish. Hope your enjoy your long weekend, we have next Monday off here in New Zealand and I can't wait as I have a day of "crafting" planned :)

ellen said...

How wonderful to see your completed Quaker Samplings! They look beautiful together.

I would love it if you would email me a photo once you have them framed.