Monday, May 14, 2007

back to work :-(

Back to work but I'm taking it slow so I'm not too overwhelmed. Above is my progress on Quaker Samplings II - I'm using the recommended Lakeside Linen in Maple Sugar with the recommended fiber, Milady's Teal. I'm happy with the progress I made while on vacation. I'll continue to work on this as my train project until it's complete.

I'm way behind on all my monthly projects - I need to get moving on The Village and Marquior both and this weekend I'm scheduled to finish My Treasures Workstation. The finishing kit was waiting for me when I got home Saturday. I was very impressed with the kit - it looks very complete. I do have to purchase some different green ribbon. The one that Judy Odell sent does not match my green at all and I think it will make a difference with the finished project so I'll go out and find something different.

I'll close with a few more pictures of my vacation - Alaska really is beautiful and I encourage everyone to try to get there someday.

This is the view from our helicopter ride to the top of a glacier

Glacier Bay from the ship

A second photo of Glacier Bay showing the ice field we could not pass.

Sitka - a very pretty port town

A giant sea star taken from the underwater boat ride in Sitka


KarenV said...

Lovely photos! Glad you had a good trip but I'm sorry the weather wasn't better.

BeckySC said...

Your Quaker Sampling is looking wonderful :)

jane said...

Beautiful pictures! I am coming along on my village - which you inspired me to finally attempt!

Christine said...

Quaker is looking great !