Sunday, May 13, 2007

be it ever so humble

(my parents and brother on the glacier)

Well I'm home! And does it ever feel nice. I picked up my two babies from my friend Peggy's house this morning and they were sure glad to see me. I love being missed. :-) The cruise went well, but take my advice, don't go to Alaska in early May. The weather was horrible. We only had one and half nice days - take is where the temp was above 45 and it was partly sunny.

Our trip to Seattle on Saturday morning while very early in the day, was uneventful. And my luggage arrived when I did. :-) Our first full day of the cruise on Sunday was a day at sea. Not much happened and the weather was pretty awful – cold and rainy. But what can one expect from Alaska in early May? We all just kinda laid around and relaxed. That is until after lunch. The seas were very rough and for the first time in over six cruises, I got seasick. I can’t even begin to tell you how horrible that was. I finally went to the doctor in the late afternoon and got some seasickness pills. I felt a little better by dinnertime but really didn’t feel 100% until Monday morning.

Day three of the cruise we visited Juneau, the capital of Alaska. The weather was spotty at best. My parents, my brother Mark and I booked a helicopter ride to a glacier. What an experience that was! I can’t say enough about it. The sun even put in an appearance. Day four was cruising to the into the Hubbard Glacier area. What a bust that was, it is too early in the season to get close to the glacier because of the ice field is still in front of it. We could not get within many many miles so we could not see or hear the calving This was too bad of course, on my last cruise to Alaska it was one of the highlights and this glacier was supposed to be even better than the one I saw back then.

Day four and five were spent visiting two small port towns. Crappy weather there also but we did take a couple of neat tours. One was an underwater boat ride and the other was a boat ride to the Misty Fjords. Very pretty. Our last full day of the cruise was cruising back to Seattle after a short stop in Victoria BC (I want to go back there) and as luck would have it, the only truly nice day.

While I was on vacation my pugs were on a vacation of a different sort. They spent the week with my friend Peggy, her family and her five pugs! I checked in part way thought the cruise and they were having a blast. I sure did miss them.

I have found time to stitch and I’m making nice progress on Quaker Samplings II from With My Needle. As with QSI, it’s a lovely project to work on. I'll need to wash this piece when I'm finished, it's a little soiled from all the carrying around I did and I spilt some water on it and the colors ran a bit. Bummer.

Here is my April Ornament - Topiary IV from Hillside Samplings, I finished it right before I left on vacation.

I never could log into Blogger the entire time I was on the ship - the wireless was not working. :-(


Robin said...

Oh that sounds lovely(even with the seasickness and rain-ok maybe not the seasickness lol). I really want to go to Alaska and hopefully will be one day. Sounds like your sweet little dogs had a great time too! Looking forward to seeing your stitching!

Libby said...

So sorry to hear of your seasickness - those who don't suffer just never understand. Even in bad weather, Alaska is a beautiful place.