Wednesday, May 30, 2007

making progress

I'm currently working on the u shaped blackwork portions. Each one takes over a hour and a half! That's why I'm doing them now - I want to get them over with. :-) I'll do something smaller next round. I'd love to finish this piece in June. Then I can safely move onto another medium size piece -like Cirque des Cercles, another Ink Circles design. I keep seeing finished CdC on other blogs and I just want to get mine going. I really need to see if the linen and silk thread I purchased will work together.

I did work on Marquior last night for a couple of hours and finished the right hand side border. However when I got the bottom of the border I was one row short! I looked for at least 30 minutes for where I was off and could not find it anywhere. I'll look again tonight with fresh eyes but I think if I do find it and it's not within a couple of inches of the bottom, I'll work on a plan to compensate for it. There is so much going on with that piece no one will ever notice and I bet within a couple of weeks I'd have a hard time finding it. At least that is the plan. :-)


Michelle said...

Your knot is looking great! Hope you can easily fix the problem on the marquoir - what a pain!

Itching To Stitch said...

Great progress you are making on this piece ;)

Margo's Musings said...

Hi, Margie, I really enjoy your blog - you accomplish so very much - I am always impressed.

I also am working on the red and blue marquior - although not as far along as you are. Initially the designers said not to go ahead and stitch the borders because not all sections were the same. I have noticed that the border pattern is not the same all the way down the sides (some leaf motifs are more compressed than others) - maybe if you study the charts you can find the abnormal motifs and figure out a way to compensate for them. I agree the piece is so complex, that fudging would be better than frogging.