Wednesday, May 23, 2007

closing in on a finis

Just a row and a half of letters and I'm finished with Quaker Samplings II. I have to admit I feel like I've been working on this forever but it's really only been two and a half weeks. :-) I've become a finishing junky. :-) This weekend I have an agility trial with Molly and it's my ornament weekend so I picked out something really small - a Drawn Thread freebie. Hopefully I will be able to finish it before Sunday night.

I did work on The Village last night as planned but since I was not able to leave work early as I had hoped, I didn't get much done before I had to leave my home for agility night with the pugs. Tonight I'll have my chance of being half way on the block. I'm pretty sure I'll finish this block before the end of the month but I don't have much of a chance of getting caught up with Marquior.

This morning I purchased Beatrix Potter's Quaker Sampler so I can participate in the Quaker Inspired SAL. It's another biggie - 301 x 271 so I'll need to purchase some linen for it. I'm feeling a little thrifty so I'll probably so go with 32 ct cream Belfast Linen. Not sure yet what thread color to choose. I'll have to look at the DMC color chart and see what catches my fancy - maybe a deep green? This will most likely be the only big Quaker I'll do - I just don't see the need to keep doing the same designs over and over again. And I have a list an arm long of other big projects I want to do: The House of Hawk Run Hollow from CHS, Paradigm Lost and the Spottes from Long Dog Designs, Garden Stars from Ink Circles, CHS Alphabet series and ...... You get the drift. :-)


Karoline said...

Great progress on Quaker Samplings, it's looking lovely

Linen Stitcher said...

Your progress looks great!! I love this pattern, and I hope to start the companion piece, Quaker Samplings I, soon.

Dolci Fusa said...

Hello Margie,
so have you found an online needlework shop that carries it? Or it was the one I've indicated you?
Anyawy, I'm happy you can join the SAL. I've received today my threads from Victoria's silks. Next Sunday I will be ready to start!

Itching To Stitch said...

Wow, I can't believe the amount of progress you have made on this since your last posted on it. It's beautiful AND almost done, we don't say those 2 things together too often ;)

BeckySC said...

It looks great !! I found the one I stitched a quick stitch...or it may have been the fact that I couldn't put it down :) :)