Friday, March 19, 2010


Happy it is Friday and happy my house is done. The piece will fly now I'm sure. :-)

Someone made a comment yesterday or the day before about how long houses seem to take and they sure do. :-) But always so worth it.

No plans for the coming weekend except crafting, crafting and more crafting. I do have the usual household chores to deal with, more than last weekend so I don't expect to get as much done as I did last Saturday and Sunday. But on my list is: finish my four Civil War Tribute quilt blocks, start and complete month 3 (it should arrive today or tomorrow in the mail), work on cutting out and starting to piece my last quilt kit purchased from last year's International Quilt Show (a lap size flannel quilt), stitch my Margaret H piece and maybe start on a new rug.

I do want to maximize my time however as my next two weekends are going to be pug weekends. Next Saturday and Sunday I'm attending an agility seminar with Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh - they are the hottest agility thing out of Sweden these days. They have a new book out covering agility and clicker training. I love clicker training for my dogs but I have not used it much with agility and I'm hopeful it will help me with some problem areas that I have. It will be a lot of fun for sure. The weekend after that I'll be with Clancy at an agility trial in St. Charles, IL.

Please everyone enjoy your weekend! And thanks for stopping by. :-)


Wendy said...

Hi Margie,

I just came across your blog while surfing on the internet. You are working on some wondeful projects. It was a joy to watch your blog. I will come back to visit your blog again. I'm an addicted crafter as well and especially for cross stitching.

Greetings from Belgium,

Margaret said...

Yay! Congrats on finishing the house! You're right -- now it should fly by. Have fun crafting this weekend.

Coni said...

When I was a newbie I told my sister that I was "only going to stitch houses". And then I bought about a ga-jillion charts with houses on them.

Sadly, I did not notice the look on her face, nor did I see her shaking her head and rolling her eyes at me for being such a boob.

But you're right...once they're completed they're fabulous!

woolwoman said...

Have a wonderful weekend Margie - I'm off to a rug hooking workshop with my mom on Sunday - a nice little vacation for me. can't wait to see my project! Enjoy Mel

Cathy B said...

You made quick work of that house. Enjoy your weekend of crafting!

Susan said...

The house is great and yes they do seem to take forever. Have fun stitching this weekend and have fun in the training classes next weekend.

Happy Stitching and Spring tomorrow!

Lana said...

Your house looks great!! Enjoy your weekend, and your "me time"!! And have fun the next couple of weekends with your babies!!

Siobhan said...

The house looks great! I hope you're enjoying your weekend. :)

Giovanna said...

What an absolutely lovely house! Enjoy the rest now, looking forward to seeing it.