Tuesday, March 16, 2010

at least it's a start ;-)

As usual at this time of the year, the start of Daylight Savings is kicking my butt. I didn't stitch last night or this morning. But I'm going to make myself stay awake a bit tomorrow on the train so I can start getting used to the early hour. Here is the start to Margaret Harris - I discovered that the house color I picked out on Sunday almost matched the fabric perfectly so I have to go through my stash again. I seem to recall a variegated DMC white that should work perfectly and it's a great price to boot. :-)

I have to laugh at most of the comments I received from my post regarding my weekend's activities. I do tend to get a lot done during the week and on the weekends but there is a reason. I really don't have much else going on. :-) I don't have kids or a husband or significant other distracting me from the things I like/want to do. If I want to sit at the sewing machine for eight hours I can do so freely. And often do. I started sewing on my quilt Saturday morning at 10:00am - I was done doing my little bit of housekeeping and my laundry for the week (I did get up at 6:00am to start this) and I sewed until 6:00pm that evening. I then drove to Joann's to pick up my wool fabric for my pillow and got home an hour later. I then hooked until my heart pillow was finished. On Sunday I started sewing again around 10:00am or so and didn't stop until almost 7:00pm. After that I worked on kitting Margaret Harris. So over the two days I got in almost 17 hours of quilting/sewing! Most people don't have that much time to dedicate to one thing over a weekend. Truthfully most weekends I don't either. I have to fit in dog training, housework, shopping, friends and everything else I need to get done. It just so happens that last weekend it was still to wet to take the dogs outside to train, I didn't need to go grocery shopping, had no plans with friends and my housekeeping tasks were very light. :-)

And then don't forget I have an almost two hour commute every day. Before I do anything at night, that is almost three hours a day of stitching. If I don't fall asleep on the train that comes to 15 hours of bonus time that most people don't have. Heck that amount is what some of you must get all week including the weekends to craft!

But now that the weather is getting better I will have less time. I try to spend at least 30 minutes every evening to train/play with the pugs outside and on Saturday and Sunday I try to do more. I also will start my gardening soon and that really eats into my weekend. And peak agility trial season starts soon (May) and then I don't get any quilting in at all on the weekends because I'm gone both days at a trial site. So I'm really trying to push right now to get the stash down while I have the time.


Alice said...

I am agog at the notion of that much stitching time! Lucky you. Lucky us, we get to see some pretty amazing projects.

Margaret said...

Don't you hate the Daylight Savings Time? Especially now that it's earlier. Ugh! It's like having winter all over again. :( I'm looking forward to when it's actually light in the mornings again. You have a very long commute! I would definitely be falling asleep if I were you!

Michelle said...

Daylight Savings Time is killing me - I am so *yawn* tired!! That is wonderful that you have so much time right now to devote to your quilting, stitching, etc. How fun! Once I'm out of school I'll have my evenings back, but for now, with working full time and going to school - I'm lucky to get five hours of stitching/quilty time a week!! Sigh. Someday!! I do hope you'll share some of your gardening this spring. That will be fun!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I loved the breakdown of your weekend. Whew - I'm bushed! I wish I had more time to stitch - you're right, if I commuted to work, rather than drive, I could be so much more productive. Unfortunately, where I live, that's not an option. Anyway, I'm proud of you for all you got done.

DLST is kicking my ass, too!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Margie ~
WOW!!! That's a commute. At least it gives you some time to stitch.
No matter what you say, you still amaze me. You utilize your time so efficiently! I swear, I must be getting ADD in my old age. Even if I have lots of time to stitch, hook, etc., I manage to waste most of that time and get very little done. I really need a course in time management ~ and a faster computer so I'll waste less time here...lol!
I, too, hope to see your gardens and more pug videos.
Pug hugs :)

Julie M said...

You aren't the only one whose butt is being kicked by the time change. Hard to believe one measly little hour can make such a difference but it does!

WOW!!! on the commute. 2 hours/day. I would hate that. Even if I did get to stitch.

Siobhan said...

I love your start on Margaret Harris! 2 hours on the train--good for you for putting the time to good use!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and my favorite Irish pugs!

Deb said...

DSL kicks my butt too. Don't know why but I'm dragging around here three days later wanting sleep! Anyway, you have so much wonderful time to get your things done! You wore me out with your description of all you got done this weekend. I always thought that being a SAHM mom would give me more time, but quite honestly, I think I got more done when I was working and the kids were small than I do now!

woolwoman said...

Missed your last post margie - the quilt top is awesome! LOVE your second hooked project - YGG - you're doing super! DLST - AAACCKKK - I'm exhausted this year trying to adjust - I woke up at 4am this morning - finally got up and on the PC for and hour - then tried to go back to sleep - clock went off at 7am and I feel like I've been run over by a truck - urgghh - i don't remember the adjustment being "this" hard last year - oh well another year older I guess - less flexible - yeah that must be it ! Love your start on Margaret - have fun Mel and happy st pats to the 4 Irish pugs