Thursday, March 11, 2010

I made it to the top of Garden Flowers! :-) I'm really winging the colors on this piece. I only had about a third of the recommended overdyed thread for this piece so I've been picking out of my stash. I realized this morning I HATE one of the colors I picked for the flowers. So back to the stash and find something else. The flowers are two shades of pink and the darker of the two I picked I think is way to bright to go with the Clover I really like. But I'm sure I'll have something that will work. :-) I'm still feeling poorly (it's been almost two weeks - enough is enough) so I didn't stitch/hook a bit last night. My cold has moved into my sinuses and even my teeth hurt. Ouch!

I haven't chatted much about the Market pieces that came out this year. Mostly because I just don't want to spend much money and try to get to my ever growing stash. But I really want Autumn in Hawk Run Hollow. I love that one - I love it as much as I didn't care for the Christmas piece. I liked a couple of With My Needle pieces - Quaker Sampling III - a must have for me since I have already stitched QSI and QSII. Also I loved Mrs. Waddelow's Huswif but I really don't need to spend money to stitch and finish yet another needlecase. But I might give in anyway. :-) As usual a couple of Primitive Needle designs caught my eye but unless I can pick them up on a really good sale I will most likely pass on those.

I also liked everything from Blackbird Designs (of course!) and purchased Honeysuckle Manor just this week. I also want the new series, Anniversaries of the Heart, and I want to do it on the same piece of linen. So far the only thing that as kept me from buying the two charts that are available is I don't have any linen of the size that is needed. To keep down the cost of thread I figured I would do mine on 35/36 count because then I could do one over two. But that is still a 29" x 21" piece of linen. The largest piece of quality linen I currently have in my stash is a fat quarter which is too small. Bummer. I have several yards of crappy linen that I can over dye no problem but which a project this long term I have found that I really like to use Zweigart based overdyed and not the looser weaves. It doesn't look like Silkweavers sells custom cuts anymore so that means buying a fat half at $51.00! Yikes! Plus 12 charts at $9.00 a piece. That's almost $160.00 before I buy any thread. So not in the plan for using my stash! But I'm still torn. I REALLY like the two that are out so far.

Thanks for your nice comments on my agility videos. I'm so glad several of you noticed how much fun Clancy was having! :-) That is my first priority always. He was even so relaxed that on a couple of the runs (and you can see this in the videos) he was rolling over for a belly rub at the start line! Now that is relaxed.


Dianne said...

I'm laughing, because that was my excuse for being able to "commit" to this series! I had a piece of Lakeside in my stash that was 36 ct. 28.5" by 20". Amazing. I even called my framer to make sure that she could work with that shortage, and she said yes!

Sharlotte said...

Garden Flowers is turning out really nice! Boy that Honeysuckle Manor is sure starting a frenzy isn't it? Everywhere I look someone is buying it. It looks like a keeper, but I have decided not to buy any new stash for a bit. :( I'm really gettin tired of some of the linen companies stopping certain size cuts of linen. Makes you want to go and purchase just plain white and dye it yourself doesn't it?

Kathy said...

I'm liking Garden Flowers more and more with each new photo of your progress.

As for market stash I have to admit I picked up a number of the new charts. When I will stitch them is anybody's guess. :)

Margaret said...

I love your Garden Flowers WIP! As for the market purchases, yes, it's hard to restrain oneself. You're being awfully good! I need to learn your restraint! lol!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Oh, so sorry to hear you're still under the weather!!! The ones that linger are just the worst!!

Great progress!

As far as Market purchases... yeah, I am trying to restrain myself as well. Without much success! There are a few new things showing up on the websites every few days and it's like - good grief! Please please please stop, lolol!!! If I keep buying charts I like I won't have the dough to buy the fabric & thread to actually complete them!

Enjoy the rest of your week, and get better!

Alice said...

Now I am curious about what colour you have chosen for the flowers! I hope you feel better soon. You must feel really bad if you didn't stitch or hook!

Deb said...

I hope that whatever ails you clears up soon. I just hate when it's all in your sinuses and your teeth ache. I'm with you on the BBD designs - had to get Honeysuckle Manor and would love to do those individual houses on one piece of linen, but I don't have linen big enough for that and don't want to buy any - plus there is the price for all the patterns. Maybe someday, but for now I've got enough to stitch, quilt and hook.

BRD Girl said...

Margie, please come and get your Beautiful Blogger Award from my post:

Happy Friday!