Monday, November 30, 2009

Wintertide Sampler finis

Wintertide Sampler - design by Shepherd's Bush
32 Count Autumn Sunset linen from Silkweavers
Silks as charted

I finished up Wintertide Sampler over the weekend. I think it really turned out cute. It's amazing how the photos on these charts never do them justice. And I love working on band samplers. I have several more in my stash and I can't wait to get to them.

Over the past couple of weeks I've felt like getting out some quilting. After spending hours and hours looking at all the new stuff online and in stores, I went into my stash and pulled out some stuff that I have in progress. First up is a baby quilt that needed to be done 18 months ago as baby Ernie is now 18 months old. :-) And his little sister is due to arrive in January. :-) I don't even remember the inspiration for this top - I took bits and pieces from other patterns. It actually started out as a dog bed but when I was done it just looked so much like a baby quilt that I put it aside and picked out other fabrics for my dog bed. And I knew I would use it at some point as a baby quilt and many of my nephews and nieces are in that age group where they are having babies. I'm going to send this one out I think to be quilted as I'm not very good yet and very, very rusty in any case.
I have a couple of others that I think I'm going to work on the weekend's in the coming months. I must have a dozen or so that are kitted, cut out or partially sown together. And of course about a half dozen that are tops that need to be quilted. Some I put together just to practice my machine quilting skills. I think I'll take a stab at some of those also.

Here is my new start - Evergreen Loose Feathers #17 by Blackbird Designs. I love getting to these older Loose Feathers! This will be a Christmas pillow when I finished with it. I also have Peace on Earth ready to go. And I'm looking for Winter Delivery #5 and And To All A Good Night #11.


Margaret said...

Oh lovely! I love your Wintertide finish! And that quilt is just wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing more quilts from you. Nice start too!

My Nifty Needle said...

Okay, now here's snother SB that you've shown me and I have to get it! You did a fabulous job! I know what you mean about photos, I always think afterward...I wish they could see this in person.

Alice said...

I agree about photos not quite doing justice to some projects, it is much nicer to see them in real life and admire all the details. It is a nice finish and I love the colours on that quilt!

Daffycat said...

This is such a beautiful finish, Margie. Congratulations!

Siobhan said...

Congratulations on a beautiful finish, Margie! Great new start, too. Love the quilt!

Katrina said...

Love the finish, congrats. I still really like the older Shepherd's Bush samplers. Great new start and the quilt is gorgeous too.

Marsha said...

the SB is just so nice. I love their band samplers. I just came across this very piece in my stash yesterday - what a great surprise.