Friday, November 13, 2009


I'm almost finished with Quaker Heart - there is a really funny looking jog on the outline of the heart that I wish I would have seen before I got to it. I would have "fixed" it before I got that far. To my eye it looks like I made a mistake but I stitched it the way it was charted. It's driving me crazy but here is no way I'm going to pull out as much stitching that I would need to fix it. I'll just have to figure out a way to live with it. I would have finished it last night but we had to take my mom back to the hospital. :-( I'll finish up on the way home from work but I didn't bring a backup project so I'll be napping for sure.

As I mentioned Mom went back to the hospital for a couple of hours last night. She started to throw up in the afternoon and when I got home from work my dad was in a tizzy. I called my sister and we very quickly decided not to mess around at all. My sister called a family friend who is a doctor with one of the local hospitals and he agreed to take over her care. So we spent a couple of hours while they pumped her full of fluids. Her blood work was ok but more tests are coming. They sent her home but we should know more today about what is going on.

This weekend Aoife and I have her second agility trial. This one is Saturday and Sunday so we have six chances for a ribbon. Wish us luck! We are going to need it, between vacations and my mom we have done almost no training and are very rusty. My goals are very simple for the weekend. Just have fun with my dog and be proud of her no matter what.

Have a great weekend! I hope to get caught up with blog reading this weekend. But with the hundreds of posts I have to read I think there is little chance of that.


Coni said...

Good luck, sweet Aoife! No matter how you do, please know that there are some pups who wouldn't know agility if it bit them on their spoiled little pampered heineys. Ahem.

Your SB piece is just lovely!

Happy thoughts to your mom that she starts to feel better toot sweet!

Tommye said...

Looking good. Don't let it make you crazy.

Thinking about you and your mom. Take care.

Margaret said...

I admit, I don't see the little jog on the heart -- it looks great! I hope they figure out what is going on with your mom, poor thing. Good luck to you and Aoife!

Kathy said...

Margie, Good luck to you this weekend. (It is Rory and my turn next weekend.) I hope your Mom is doing better today. And last but not least I love your SB pieve.

Deb said...

Good luck this weekend Margie. And I hope that everything goes well with your mom. And I think I remember that jag in the heart too when I was working on it. I must have dismissed it from my mind (I don't like ripping out anything either), and now I don't even notice it. How are you going to finish this off?

Daffycat said...

I hope your mom is feeling better now, Margie! ***hugs***

Katrina said...

Love your Quaker Heart, sometimes quirky is fun :-).

Hope everything is okay with your mom and the trials go well this weekend.

Alice said...

I hope your mom's setback is temporary. I love the look of the Quaker heart!