Thursday, November 19, 2009


Here is Wintertide Sampler. I found an issue with this chart and while charted incorrectly (in my option), I really should have noticed it before I started stitching. The band right beneath the words, advent's nigh was charted one row shorter than it should have been so when I got the the g in nigh, the pulled work was right on it. And because it was a pulled row, I knew I could not take it out without the pulls showing. So I left it in. I'll be sure to watch for that sort of thing as I work through my stash of SB charts as I now have a ton of them. :-) Things like this drive me crazy.

The weather is firmly on the chilly side now and I have a feeling that winter proper is not far behind. And I still don't have a winter coat! Because of my weight loss, I have had to replace all my clothes and the coats have been left to last. But I need at least two - one for the days that get to a low of around 30 or so and a long down coat for the really cold days - the ones that are below zero. I'll start with the shorter one first and hopefully find a nice down one on sale. I'm thinking that the Thanksgiving sales might work out well for shopping. :-)


Margaret said...

What a bummer about the g and the pulled work! But you know, it looks fine, so don't worry about it. As for your coat issues -- I wish I had that problem. lol! I can never lose weight. It must feel so good to be shopping for those smaller sizes. :D

dixiesamplar said...

Well it still looks wonderful! You are doing a beautiful job.

Congratulations on the weight loss...don't imangine anyone will sympathize that you are having trouble because you LOST weight though! LOL! Good luck with the hunt.


Julie M said...

Well that's a terrible problem to have. Losing so much weight you have to buy all new clothes! Wish I could share that problem with you. Congratulations! Hope you find a beautiful coat that shows off your new figure!

Sucks about the incorrect charting. Drives me crazy too!

saras said...

ooh that kind of stuff bugs me too!

mskathk said...

Beautiful stitching. If the spacing on 'advent's nigh' is really bothering you, it looks as tho' you might be able to move the words up one row horizontally... I can't tell from the picture.

Siobhan said...

It looks great!