Monday, November 03, 2008

So close

I'm almost finished with Beyond My Heart. Maybe by tonight? That would be super. It will give me a finish for November plus give me tons of time to work on St. Reatham. I also have an ornament I need to finish up before the 15th for the HoE ornament exchange but that's just an afternoon to put it into ornament form. For the month I also want to stitch the Book of Ink Circles for November which is going to be released next Tuesday and get caught up with the Papillion Creations Mystery (I'm behind one month). Both of those are just a couple of hours. But I'm thinking the rest of the month will be all about SR!

I had a wonderful birthday on Friday! Thanks for the comments and lovely emails. I took some time out of the day to take Aoife to the vet to have a consultation. I think she has an elongated soft palate and my vet concurred. Her breathing is very labored after activity and her normal breathing is loud and she snores a lot. It turns out that the surgery and post-op care is much more complicated than I had understood and my vet referred me to a board certified surgeon. So on Thursday we have another appointment with him and if all goes well, she will have surgery later that day. She will have to stay overnight and no agility for at least two weeks. Poor baby. Please keep us in your thoughts on Thursday.


CraftyT said...

that is beautiful!

Tama said...

Oh, that's really pretty! I like those muted colors. Good luck on getting it finished!

Cindy F. said...

Such a pretty piece!
So sorry to hear Aoife is having troubles:( I will say a special prayer for her and keep you in my thoughts on Thursday! Best wishes for her to recover quickly!

Glenna said...

I love the delicate colors in this sampler! Best of luck with Aoife's surgery--fingers, toes and paws crossed here!

Katrina said...

Love your sampler, as always the BBD pieces are wonderful aren't they?

Hope Aoife's surgery goes well. Poor baby, I bet she will feel much better afterwards.