Monday, November 10, 2008

A whole weekend gone and this is all I have to show

I did everything this weekend but stitch on St. Reatham. :-) I guess that is just the way it turns out sometimes.

Last Thursday I purchased a treadmill. A really nice one, a True PS500. It's the most current discontinued model and I was able to get a floor model at a huge discount. It even has a built in LCD screen that is cable TV/DVD ready. Why I mention this? It's being delivered next Saturday and it's 35.5 inches wide by 82.5 inches long. This baby is huge. I had to make room for it. So I spent the bulk of the weekend clearing out, tossing out and reorganizing everything I own. I didn't want to tuck it out of the way too much because I don't want to forget it's there and I want it easy enough to get to so I have to walk past it to remind me what it is there for. So I spent the weekend looking at my stitching as I walked past with another load of stuff going to the trash or the Good Will box.

It's so nice to lighten the load and I gained a ton of shelf space from where I tossed old books and other crap. I don't mean to be such a pack rat, it just happens.


Dianne said...

I can completely sympathize! I even went to a stitch-in and didn't stitch! I did shop, though :)

Cindy F. said...

Still great progress on a gorgeous piece, even though you didn't get much time to stitch.
You had to mention the word treadmill:) love ours, but since we moved in June, I haven't gotten on it once. My excuse?? I'm lazy:)...and I've been stitching a lot! I'm lazy!