Friday, November 07, 2008

update on Aoife

I still don't have any stitching to show since I'm working on two holiday exchange pieces. I should be done with those however today and then I'll move onto something I can share. :-)

On Thursday Aoife and I went to see the surgeon recommended by my vet. It just so happens that the surgeon is an expert at Elongated Soft Palate surgery. He did his surgical residency at the Univ. of Georgia who’s mascot is a bulldog. He told me he did an ESP surgery every day he was there as this is even more common in bulldogs than it is in pugs. Also while he was there, he participated in a trial for a new tool for doing ESP surgery and did his research paper on how much better it works than the older ways of cutting and stitching. And he is getting the tool next week! He says it cuts down on post op bleeding and swelling and it was his recommendation that we wait until the equipment is in his hands. So Aoife came home with me and I have scheduled her surgery for the 18th of November.


Margaret said...

Good luck to you and Aoife. And to the doctor. Sounds like he's a winner!

A said...

Sounds like a wonderful, highly capable vet, I know that will bring you some peace while she's having her surgery. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers....
our baby pug has been sick for a week now and I know how hard it is when our furbabies aren't feeling good.

Katrina said...

Hope things go well! Sounds like you have a good vet to take care of her :-).