Monday, November 24, 2008

Small finis - part 12 of BoINK

Yesterday I finished up Part 12 of Book of Ink Circles. This is my least of all the parts so far. I just don't think it match enough with the other sections and my two blues that comprise most of this part are just too close together so you can't see the flow to the knots. Well that is if I had been able to find the flow to the knot. This was a tough one to make work from many levels. The next release is December 2nd and then were will be four more parts to go after that. I wish Tracy would give us a holiday gift of all the remaining sections so I can get this over and done with. I'm ready for it to end.
This is where I left off on St. Reatham. I'm hoping to re-start by the weekend. I still want to complete the BBD LS mystery (I started part four on the train this morning but since I did so little I did not take a photo) and the Papillion Creations Mystery. I'm way behind on that one and I'm expecting any day to get the next release so I'll be two behind instead of one if I don't get my act together.

Aoife is well on the road to recovery. I figured it would be Sunday before she was feeling back to her old self and I was correct. She woke up yesterday her usual spunky pug for the first time since her surgery and I'm having to hold her back so she doesn't rip out any stitches. I have a three day agility trial in Merriville Indiana starting on Friday and at some point I have to find time to get her to the vet and have her stitches removed.


Cindy F. said...

great progress on both beautiful pieces! So glad Aoife is doing well:)

Sandra said...

Oh dear, that corner of BoINK does look rather pale, I wonder what the opposite corner will look like. I could see you frogging this and stitching it in bolder colours if it is the only pale area. Glad that Aiofe is recovering, it's amazing how quickly they bounce back after an op.