Monday, October 13, 2008

The last page

I'm over a third of the way complete on the top of my Quaker Casket. As I said last week, it's a very fast moving piece. I did have hopes of finishing it by today (if I stitched like crazy over the weekend), but I had an agility trial with Clancy and didn't stitch much at all. I also need to find a place to put my initials. The front piece as charted had room for it but I changed mine a ton so there was not room for initials after I was finished. Maybe on the end pieces there will be space. I'll have to take a look and check it out.

As mentioned above, Clancy and I had an agility trial over the weekend. We bombed big time. On Saturday he was so hyped up he had no control and had several off courses and on Sunday I was just off, sending him to the wrong things and generally just flat. Currently we nothing on our calender but there are a couple of three and four day trials around the corner that I'm looking at.

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