Monday, June 16, 2008

new project

This is what I worked on over the weekend and almost got it done! It's Quaker Cat from the Workbasket using a Vikki Clayton HDF in a mystery color on 32 count Mountain Mist from Silkweavers. Of course, it's a bad photo and you can't see just how pretty a color Mountain Mist linen is - a very light greenish/blue and it goes perfect with the dark greenish/blue of the silk. I'm hoping to have the head and feet done by the morning and then I'll start work on the really big tail. I bet that takes a couple of days at least. I'm not sure how I want to finish it yet. It's an exchange piece so I want it to look really special. Maybe a box. :-) That would be pretty.

I'm super behind with blog reading and even further behind with commenting. But I'm stopping by when I have a chance. Thanks for visiting me!


DaisyGirl said...

Hi! Your Quaker Cat looks wonderful! I just completed Quaker mouse! I found you thru Edgar! He's such a sweetie!

Barbara said...

Very pretty!! :D

Sandra said...

I thought at first you had started another Blackbird Designs pincushion, see how similar the middle section is? Great progress as always!!

Kathy said...

Love those Quaker animals. Great job.