Monday, June 23, 2008

not so much done :-)

I did manage to finish part 3 of the Ink Circles Book of Mystery (it's the center top box) and make a start on part 4 (right fishtail). But that was about it. I had way to much fun this weekend and I didn't even bother to pick up my stitching.

On Saturday, Clancy and I went to an AKC Tracking seminar. And my little pug dog is a natural. :-) Am I ever excited. It's truly amazing to see a dog just get it. In Tracking a dog learns for follow human scent by tracking footsteps. There are three different titles and a championship title dogs can earn. I was told that there only around 200 dogs that have earned the champion tracking dog title. And I just bet, that if I managed to put a championship on Clancy, he would be the first pug. I'll have to do some research. :-) That's a long way from here of course and these titles are very hard to earn. It takes years to get a CT on a dog.

But what I think is the coolest thing, the AKC offers a title called Versatile Companion Dog - there are four levels of VCD (1, 2, 3 and 4) and a championship. To earn these titles the dog must have agility, obedience and tracking titles. It's very hard to get the upper levels and so far no dog has earned the ultimate VCD Championship. We already have our first step for VCD1 which is our first two Novice Agility titles. Now I want to start working on our TD or Tracking Dog title. The first step of course is to find a teacher. That is going to be very difficult because in the area I live in, there is a huge demand for tracking classes. And then of course, I need to start obedience classes but I'm thinking that will be last, after Clancy has all his agility titles.

I've been doing work on my blog and I'm almost ready to unveil the new look and name. I went with something that reflects all my interests. I think it's pretty cool. I wanted to have it completed by my blogaversary (in three days) but I'm not sure if I will get it all completed as it's this week. And I'm also pondering a change of email address as well as a totally new blog address. The only reason I'm hesitating is I'll loose a ton of blog visitors because I won't have anyway of contacting them and I don't want to put a link on the old blog because one of the reasons for changing the URL is I don't want an old BF to be able to follow me. I'm torn as to what to do.


Barbara said...

A few other people have changed their blog URLs and it's gone well. I'd say you should go for it, if it's what will make you happy.

Sharon said...

Your sampler is progressing so well! Looks great!

Sandra said...

Maybe you could put a link on Legacy once you have moved, unless you think the person you don't want to know might have access there. Or you could save people's email addresses and let them know once you have moved.

Jackie in UK said...

Hi Margie, I like your new look! :-) Well done to Clancy and I have to ask, how do you pronounce Aoife?

Your ink circles is looking good! :-)

Jackie x

Teena in Toronto said...

Looks great!

Happy blogoversary!!

Kathy said...

Like your new look. However, I don't want to lose track of you if you change you blog name, etc.

Love reading your dog stories. Wouldn't it be great to get Clancy one of those other titles. Are you going to show your puppy eventually? How old does she have to be before you start the training?