Monday, October 08, 2007

Simple Harvest Finis

Simple Harvest from With Needle & Thread by Blackbird Designs
28 count Silkweavers Marine Blue Linen
Needle Necessities overdyed floss - Snoqualmie Falls

I finished Simpler Harvest into a standing piece yesterday. I'll give it to my sister next Monday on her birthday. Hopefully this will get her off my back for a while.

I really didn't do a lot of stitching over the weekend - I'm kinda bored with it all right now. I did manage to put some work into Toccata II yesterday. I'm about half way done with this piece. For the train ride this week I started back on Sheepish Designs Alpha series, working on Sheepish Menagerie. I figure I need to get some things in progress finished just in case I quit cross stitching for a while. That would be bad because the last time I stopped stitching for a while it was almost 20 years before I got back to it. No progress photo because all I did was one letter. Tomorrow for sure.
I did my new puppy shopping Saturday. Wow, did I spend the money. But I'm sure little Finn will appreciate it. :-) I stopped in at Joann Fabrics and found the cutest little black tree to hang my Halloween ornaments from. Now I need to stitch some more - the two did last year look a little lonely on the tree.
While I was trying to take photos of my finish yesterday, guess who jumped into the photo - Mr. Clancy. Such a ham!

9 comments: said...

Your Simple Harvest finish is beautiful, your sister is going to LOVE it! And what a great way to display your Halloween smalls! Clancy is so cute, love those big eyes!

Barbara said...

OMG, Mr. Clancy is just too cute! Also cute is your Halloween tree. :)

Simple Harvest is a GREAT finish!!!

Nicole said...

Margie, they are all beautiful!! Clancy is such a cutie! I always wanted a pug and then I had three kids. I think I'll wait a bit on the pug now. LOL! :)

Vonna said...

Well I just want to pinch Mr. Clancy's cheeks and give him a big 'ol smooch! What a sweetie :)

And let me tell you I LOVE THAT TREE!!!! Where did you find that?! And tell me it was a good price! LOL!

Linen Stitcher said...

Love your latest Blackbird Designs finish. That thread suits this project perfectly!! Looking forward to seeing your progress on the Sheepish Designs Alpha series again. I enjoyed watching your progress so much that I may have to stitch that one, too!

Kathy said...

Love Mr Clancy. I just want to reach out and pet him and get a sloppy kiss from him.

Love your Blackbird finish. Hope you sister likes it. If not, I will take it.

Don't give up stitching, you are too good at it.

Becky K in OK said...

Love your finish. I have the book also and hope to stitch this piece one day.

Anna van Schurman said...

What a face on that little guy! Like the tree too. Now you've given me ideas. (Fortunately, I know that tree will be 80% off in about 3 weeks. I'll be keeping an eye out for it...)

Michelle said...

Love your Halloween Tree - I've been looking for one myself. The piece for your sister is beautiful - you can send it to me if she doesn't appropriately appreciate it! LOL!! Maybe you are just needing a little break from your stitching. I definitely need that from time to time.