Monday, October 22, 2007

Alpha Menagerie Finis

Alpha Menagerie from Sheepish Designs (part 2 of 3)
32 count Wichelt Latte Linen
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I finished up Alpha Menagerie yesterday despite having a nine week old puppy glued to my side all weekend. :-) This finishes part two of three. I'm loving the colors - they are such a change from the usual muted palate I go with. I'll start Alpha Sheep (part 3) in several weeks. I pulled a couple of things to work on this week. When I was going through my stash, I found I had forgotten about Quaker Study by CHS - I started it over two months ago I think. I'm about a quarter of the way done so I tossed it into my bag for the train rides this week. Since I also tossed in the new Loose Feather, Autumn Song by Blackbird Designs, I passed on stitching on Quaker Study (it's still leaving me cold - maybe I should just sell it). I don't have much done yet so I didn't take a photo - I will tomorrow for sure.

It was a beautiful weekend here in Northern Illinois - almost 80 degrees yesterday! So the pugs and I took care of some long neglected lawn work outside. Aoife had a blast playing outside with the gang. She was so tired at one point I had to put her inside just so she would take a nap. She is a very clever puppy and I pretty sure I'm just not saying that because I'm a proud mom. :-) She is learning all sorts of things just by watching the other pugs. Late last week, she was watching Clancy run in and out of the agility tunnel and she started to follow him and is now running through all the way. I've started to ask her to do it and she is quite motivated by the little cookie she rewarded with when she runs all the way through. On Saturday I took her and Clancy to play at the indoor dog park where I take my dogs for training. While I was there the woman who teaches puppy training stopped in and asked if we wanted to participant in the next puppy session that starts on the 27th. Of course I said yes so starting on Saturday Aoife will be going to school. Puppy training is pretty low key and I'm so happy that I'm getting such a jump on things with her. I didn't start Molly in formal training until she was four or five months old. I really don't know about Clancy since he was six months old when I adopted him. He didn't start any formal training until he was a year old.

Here is Aoife getting ready to run into the tunnel.

And here she is with Clancy just hanging out. You can see just how small she is in compared to the size of the tunnel. I think her going through it is a really brave thing.


Barbeeque4 said...

AM looks SUPER!!! and the puppies are just darling!

Barbara said...

Aoife is lucky to have you for a mama! :) And she is a very brave little girl to go through the agility tunnel. We enrolled our adopted dog at 3 years old in a puppy training course and the tunnel did give him a scare, though he did master it in the end. :)

Anonymous said...

Gutsy girl!
Great finish and beautiful colours on Alpha Menagerie.

Ranae said...

The finish is fabulous, love the colors.
The pups are cute. fckskkh

Christine said...

Wonderful finish sampler ! Congratulations !

Lucy said...

Those colors are wonderful!!!

Mary Ann said...

Alpha Menagerie is very pretty! I love the colors. And little Aoife is such a cute little thing!!

Chelle said...

Congrats on your Sheepish finish! It's beautiful.

Kathy said...

Nice finish!!

Really like hearing about the dogs and seeing pictures.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Just love's to die for! You've made it beautiful. And, I want to come through the computer and capture those pups! So sweet!

Barbara said...

Beautiful work on your Alpha Menagerie. I love all the colors in it - such a spring feeling to it. I have so enjoyed going through your blog. Must admit you kept me occupied for quite a long time here. ;D All your stitching work is stunning and your dogs are real cuties.
Barb in TX