Wednesday, October 03, 2007

progress on alphabet

Here is my progress on the Blackbird Designs piece I'm working on. You'll just have to take my work on how pretty the marine blue linen and thread is since I'm finding it impossible to take a good indoor photo of it. :-) Half way done. I'll finish up by the weekend and hopefully get it framed since my sister's birthday is the week after next.

How pretty is this? It's not mine (DARN) but my friend Kelly's. I met Kelly at work many, many months ago when she spotted my stitching sitting on my desk at work. She stopped by to ask if she could see it as she is a stitcher herself. We've been sisters in stitching ever since. I'm pretty sure I enabled her to start this Long Dog piece, Beauty Spotte. Now she has enabled me because I want to buy the companion piece, Sonne Spotte. :-) What goes around comes around I guess!

I received several wonderful comments about the puppy photo I posted on Monday with a couple of comments about the little tiny puppy second from the right. You guessed it, she is the runt. At the time the puppies were born she was only 2 oz. compared with her siblings 4 oz. Poor baby! If I wasn't hoping to do agility with my new pup, I would sweep this little thing up in a heartbeat. But I'm concerned that the rigors of agility and training would be too much for her as she very sick several weeks ago and was rushed to the vet. But all is well now but I don't want to risk her health in any way. Isn't she a darling? This photo was from around 4 weeks ago and she is obviously triple in size now. I pick up my new baby on the 13th - I can't wait! I'll take lots of pictures of all the babies and share.


Barbara said...

Oh, that is a gorgeous fiber you're using for your alphabet. May I ask what it is?

Michelle said...

Great start on the alphabet - love the colors! And that Beauty Spotte is GORGEOUS! You might need to start on Sonne Spotte immediately so I can live vicariously through you.

Kathy said...

Nice alphabet. I too am upset that NN is going out of business. Colors look great.

Your stitching buddy's piece looks great. Looks like she is painting instead of stitching.

Barbeeque4 said...

The WIP are really pretty. The puppies are darling.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

I can't concentrate on the fabulous stitching when all I can really see is that precious puppy!! Oh, how sweeet!!!