Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rip, rip, rip!

I ripped out the Needle Necessities Woodland Fantasy floss and tried the Gentle Art Forest Glade I had on hand. I'm much happier with the results. The copper color is Crescent Colours Brandied Pears. For the four small motifs in the centers of the copper color I'm planning on using Needle Necessities Dromedary - a very pretty gold/tan combo. I'm planning on using the Woodland Fantasy for the alphabet as I pulled the other three flosses using it as a guide - I'm hoping everything will tie together nicely. Kathy make a comment on my blog yesterday and said she knows someone who started using Needle Necessities Serengeti as the base fiber (it's tan, copper and dark brown). It's funny Kathy, that is the color I started with! :-) Then I fell in love with Woodland Fantasy and I put the Serengeti aside.


Barbeeque4 said...

The colours are just lovely, great choices!!!!! I really like the woodland shade!

Barbara said...

Mouth-wateringly beautiful colours!!

The Silver Thistle said...

I love the green swap over. Good choice.

Little Aoife is so cute! She'll learn the ropes no problem with her two mentors to steer her right :)