Monday, July 09, 2007

back to the grind

Coq Au Pins by Twisted Oaks Designs
32 count Silkweaver Goldspinner Linen
Needle Necessities Floss Overdyed - #1101, Clearly Blue

Well it's back to work for me. But it should be a light week since my boss is out all week. That's a good thing. :-) I promised more pictures of Coq Au Pins and here they are.

At the agility trial over the weekend the temps were as hot as the weather forecasters predicted. It was up into the 90's on Sunday. Molly didn't fair very well with the heat - she actually gave up on her run on Sunday and walked off the course! :-) I guess she told me. Clancy on the other hand, showed no ill effects. He got six first place finishes and two second place finishes with one qualifying score. He is amazing. I'm starting to think it's time to retire Molly and spend my effort and money all on Clancy. He really does enjoy it more and I only have so much time and money to go around. I think I will decide after the Pug Dog Nationals in late September. If she has a bad show I will finish out the current classes with her and just concentrate on Clancy from that point on.

Here is my progress from last Thursday's St. Reatham day. I'm now 1/8th complete. :-)


Itching To Stitch said...

St. Reatham is incredible. I love the thread and fabric you chose to do this piece ;)

Kathy said...

Your finishes are great. I love those little accessories.

Good to get a report on the dogs. Maybe Molly is bored with the showing thing. She just wants to be in the background and let Clancy take over.

Your stitching is beautiful

Anonymous said...

I love your Coq au Pins finishes - very cute!

Lovely progress on SR too.

The Silver Thistle said...

Those are super finishes! I love those colours together.

St Reatham is REALLY high on my 'to do' list, it's such a lovely piece.

Patti said...

I love your Coq au Pins so much that I am going to get it and the colors you used too.

Katrina said...

You are such an enabler, after seeing your Coq a Pins I had to order the chart too :-).