Friday, July 27, 2007

Thanks :-)

Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my Village finish. I had a couple of new or newish commenters (thanks for stopping by) and I have added your blogs to my list of stops. :-) I've been behind on my blog browsing and when I have the time to browse I haven't been commenting much. Hopefully things will slow down at work so I can get back into my routines.

I actually hung up my Village without a frame at home just so I could look at it at night. :-) I really want to get going on the Houses now - one block a month like the Village. Hopefully by September I'll have the first months worth of silks so I can get going with it.

Here is my progress on Celtic Heart. Depending on my mood when I work on it is how much I like it or not. Today I like it, yesterday I didn't. The tan portion of the variegated thread I'm using is very close to the linen I picked out. So in some places it's hard to see and the design is fading. I would love to do a series of these hearts in different colors and hang them all together in the same frame. I think that would look really cool. But do I ever think I get around to doing two more of these? And framing them?? I doubt it but it's a nice wish. ;-)

Yesterday was St. Reatham day and I got in a solid four hours of stitching. But I went to bed before I took a progress photo and forgot to again this morning before I left for my train. You are not missing much, I'm working on the top border with the dogs and the alphabet right under that so it doesn't look like much as been done at all. I figure I need to do some of the boring stuff instead of leaving that for last - I'd never get the piece finished if all I have left is solid rows of lines.

Have a great weekend! I'll be at a Jimmy Buffet concert tomorrow! It should be fun.


Anonymous said...

Have a great time at the concert! We're going in Septmber to see him at Madison Square Garden. My DH got the tickets for my birthday.

Anonymous said...

Oops! That poat was me--Nancy in NY!

Itching To Stitch said...

It looks pretty. I always seem to work with threads that blend into the fabric, oh well, it's okay ;)

Anonymous said...

I am sooo enjoying your progress on Celtic Heart!! It's coming along beautifully!
Have fun at the concert!!

Mindi said...

I love how the Celtic Heart is coming along, I just finished one of their letters.

Cheryl said...

Celtic Heart looks lovely!
Good idea hanging the village up. I think i would just stare at it all the time too after all that work!

Ranae said...

Hi! I am trying to play catch up. The Village of Hawk Run Hollow finish is awesome. Celtic heart is looking great. I love the colors you choose.