Monday, June 18, 2007

tomatoes AND a church :-)

Well I managed to complete my church and get my tomatoes in the garden over the weekend! And my cucumbers and green beans also. :-) And this was despite the temps in the low 90's. It was a hot one for sure. I can't wait for the harvest. I went a bit overboard as usual on the tomatoes - I put in 18 plants! But I like a big variety and and nice mix of canning and eating types so I really do need different kinds. And who can resist a fresh salad with both cherry and pear tomatoes mixed in? This year I had to put a fence around the entire garden with their individual vegetable beds. Molly spent so much time eating the tomatoes last year, I was surprised that there were any left for the people! And green beans too, she loves fresh green beans. :-) But this year she has been foiled. She looked so sad as I put the fence up. LOL! But don't feel sorry for her, I'll toss her some over the fence as they start to come in. :-)

I should be finished with block two of the Village by the end of the week - all I have left are the two trees on either side of the church and the birds. I'm not stitching in the name of the reverend - I'll add a couple more birds instead to fill the space. I'll get started right away with block three - it's the second to biggest block and my last one! It seems kinda fitting that I started with block 12 which is the biggest block and I'm ending with block three which is the second biggest.

Here is my progress on Awake the Dawning Day. I'm almost done with the house and I'll start to make good progress once that is complete, hopefully on my way home from work tonight. In a perfect world I'd like to be finished with this piece by Friday but I don't think I have a chance of that - it is a pretty large Loose Feathers. The biggest since Quaker Garden I think.


Kathy said...

Love the church. Actually love that whole design. Talked to my LNS and told her that I was going to have to do that piece. It is a rather daunting project, but I just love it. Between you and a gal in my stitch group at the shop, I am inspired to do that piece.

Good job on the tomatoes. You are ambitious with 18 plants. We have 5 in and they are doing wonderful. Have lots on with many blooms. Looks like I will be making salsa or giving a lot away.

Have a good week.


Jacque said...

What did I tell ya? You are amazing...and I'm jealous of your yummy yummy tomato-filled future!!!

Village looks great!! Go, Margie, GO!!!!